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Thread: After almost a decade, Rinner has a question!

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    Question After almost a decade, Rinner has a question!

    I'm not sure how active this forum is nowadays but I'm hoping someone will see this and give me some insight:

    I have a good friend who's Mom (Beth) was adopted from France as a baby in 1959. Her adoptive father was in the US Air Force and while stationed in France, it is thought that he had an affair with a French woman and conceived Beth. Beth's adoptive parents never spoke about the alleged affair; I'm not sure how the speculation started. Beth's French adoption papers state she was born to unknown parents. Beth's adoptive father brought her to the USA in 2/1959 when she was 7 months old. She has her original greencard and the type is "W-2". It also lists her A-Number. Supposedly Beth's father was handling all the adoption legalities until his death (while serving in the Air Force) when she was 2. Beth's adoptive mother never moved forward with anything because it's believed she was so far out of the loop, she had no idea there was anything she needed to do.

    Fast forward to a few years ago, Beth went to renew her driver's license and they told her that because of the REAL ID protocols, she would have to present her birth certificate at her next renewal. At this time Beth realized that her only birth certificate was French. This uncovered the fact that Beth's green card is probably expired and she has no documentation proving her legal presence in the USA. Yesterday she met with USCIS officials in Jacksonville, FL. They couldn't retrieve anything in their system about her. Her A-Number didn't pull up and because her adoption papers list her name as her birth name and not her present name she can't prove she is the same person. Jacksonville pretty much told her she could be deported at any time. :Shock:

    Obviously, this is a pretty complex case and I was hoping to get some direction from anyone that might have insight as to what a W-2 visa is, why her A Number wouldn't be found in USCIS databases, and, perhaps, what the international adoption process was like in the early 60's. (Is there any other place she could contact to help put the pieces together)

    Additional information:

    Only documentation she has: French adoption papers, French Birth Certificate, USA Green Card, USA Social Security Card, Driver's license
    No expiration date on Green Card
    She has a SS card and has worked her whole life
    She has voted since she was 18 because she was under the impression she was a legal citizen.
    Only one living uncle on Father's side that could provide DNA to prove she was his daughter (I'm guessing this is a moot point since the legal documents state she was born to unknown parents?)

    Thanks in advance for helping!

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    Green Cards issued between 1946 and 1964 were known as Alien Registration Receipt Cards. If you have an Alien Registration Receipt Card, you have to get a new Green Card. The Alien Registration Receipt Cards are no longer recognized by the USCIS as proof of lawful permanent residency.
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