We finally got results from our FOIA request and thank God he doesn't have a removal. I thought I would come here and update since I couldn't find much updated info about obtaining records on here when I was looking. It seems most people get results the first time they submit a request, but we weren't getting anywhere. All the agencies kept sending "No records responsive to your request were found". I submitted to CBP online at foiaonline.regulations.gov. The receipt email they sent stated it would take approx. 3-6 months and it ended up being a week shy of 3 months. I think it was helpful to include the date/dates or time frame when the person was apprehended. We also included the area where he was apprehended. The lawyer we were using told us this was not necessary, but I wonder if that's why they weren't getting any results. I also submitted online to USCIS through the DHS website around the same time and although we don't need them now, we have not received those results yet.