Hello all Although I've been a member for quite some time now, this is my 1st official post . This site has helped me a ton going through this whole tedious process to petition for my husband so thanks in advance to all! Anyway, I have been searching through this forum for recent timelines for El Salvador and they are all pretty much older dates and dates that go back to before the I-601A came into effect, for all countries as a matter of fact . My husband and I just mailed off out I-601A waiver packet yesterday (3/20/2017) and hopefully all goes well and we get approved . Anyone who has gone through the process that can post a timeline for El Salvador that filed a I-601A? I will post mine shortly, I need to get to my info I'm at work right now (shhh) . Thanks in advance for whoever decides to share!!! I am looking forward to getting feedback and more information!!