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Thread: Appointment in Rio scheduled....I have some quesions, please help

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    Appointment in Rio scheduled....I have some quesions, please help

    Hi there, FINALLY we have an appointment for my husband's interview in Rio...we have been through a lot like all of you....(he has an approved i601A so we are doing things in reverse...waiver first, then appointment.)

    1) I am they issue the visa on the day of the interview..? or do we need an address to send it to? He hasn't lived there in 13 years, so we will have to find one if so...and if they do mail it, how long does it usually take? Is there a way to expedite it?

    2) Also, the medical requirements say he needs to bring 10 (TEN) photos to the medical exam? Can these be like his passport photos like the ones we need to bring to the interview? Or do they have to be different? And does he make an appointment for his medical exam or just show up? It looks like there is only one doctor on the usembassy website that does them.

    3) He was unable to obtain his federal police certificate here in the US, so how hard/easy is it for him to get one there? Will they give it to him that day?

    4)5 And also can anyone recommend a safe hotel to stay in near the Rio Embassy? So worried about this more than anything!!

    ***ANY other advice at all that you guys could offer is welcomed and very much appreciated!!! Thank you and Happy New year!

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    1) no,....some tell you to pick up, or send via express mail

    2) Same PP photos can be used, the doctor to see is appt is needed to make one

    3) He's required to have police from his birth country

    4) Maybe you can get this pointer in the Brazil thread...............goodluck

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    you need to make an apoiment with the doctor ,you can ask if need photos ,i dont remenber if need
    have a good hotel close to embassy in Rio the name Othon not spensive and is confortable
    for police clearence he can go at police station i think they give it in the same day
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