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Thread: Question about filing motion to change venue without lawyer - detained, then released

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    Question about filing motion to change venue without lawyer - detained, then released

    Quick summary - trying to help a young lady I met who entered illegally and was detained, and then released on bond. She came to apply for asylum, had a strong enough case to pass the credible fear interview while detained - the problem is she was bonded out, and moved to the state where the person who bonded her out lives, and she was issued a court date for 30 days later in Texas (where she is not at). I have 2 questions if someone can please share any info -

    1. Has anyone filed a Motion to Change Venue by themselves without a lawyer? (She has been checking legal clinics all over but none will help because she entered illegally, and others because she already has a court date issued; She will have a lawyer for the asylum application/hearings, but she does not have $1,000 to pay the charge for a lawyer to file the change of venue form).

    2. What would this 1st court date be for? She has not submitted the asylum application yet, and online it looks like they can make a decision about her case on the first hearing even without the application? To compare, others we have found don't have their first court date for 2 years in our state, maybe Texas moves a lot faster? (We are in MN)

    Thank you to anyone who takes time to read this! Once she gets the court locations changed she will have a lawyer for the rest of the case.

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    An EIOR 33 for change of address should be filled out

    A brief like letter should be sent requesting the change
    the reason, the new address with ID showing copy of
    the new address, STATE your intention to apply for
    asylum, also send a 'certificate of service' to show a copy
    of the letter was sent ICE ( you must send copy of the
    request letter to ICE)

    Try USCIS website for instruction..moving must be
    reported in 5 days

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