We are in the comment period for proposed changes to the I-485 form (application for Adjustment of Status), until May 31. You can see the draft of the new version of the main form here. It is very similar to a proposed version that was proposed in March 2015 but which they for some reason didn't adopt. I believe that the changes will be of interest to the I2U community.

Besides being much longer (18 pages instead of 6, though much of it is due to the new, more spread out question format they are using now on all forms), there is a huge section (pages 9-13) asking yes/no questions about basically every single bar or inadmissibility, many of which are not asked about now (right now it is the USCIS's job to figure out which ones apply to you). As many of you know, some of those bars and inadmissibilities (especially the 9A/9B/9C bans which are asked in Part 8 #71-73) are very technical and there are long discussions sometimes on this site before we can figure out whether someone has a particular ban or not; an average person filling out this form may not be able to interpret them correctly. Some questions are asked now but changed to be much broader (e.g. Part 8 #27 asks whether you have "ever committed a crime of any kind", instead of just those of moral turpitude). And the questions #14-24 which ask things like have you been denied admission, have you been denied a visa, do you have 2-year home residency requirements, etc. are new questions that are things that they should already have records to, so why do they need you to explain? I have a feeling that the new changes will force many people to say yes and provide "explanation" for things that are not actually relevant to their AOS.

If you have feelings about this, please submit a comment to the government.

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