My son (18 yrs) has recently graduated from high school and will be joining the university to pursue Computer Engineering beginning 8/13/15. He was caught attempting to steal a bottle of alcohol from a store and was detained for 30 minutes and released. Our criminal attorney had worked with the prosecutor in the court and had entered into a SOC with no conviction of charges. The SOC requires him to remain out of trouble for next 2 years and need him to complete 50 hours of community services, which he has started today. He had no criminal history or addiction issues in the past. The prosecutor mentioned in the court that police report would be kept with them and not submitted to the court to help him that this information did not go into the homeland security database as long as he remains clean during the next 2 years. My son is in TD visa now and I wanted to apply for him for a change of status to F1. Could you please advise if he has any chances of securing a F1 visa now? He has no prior incidence of any sort and he had done in the past more than 2 years of community services in various capacities including tutoring maths to junior students in the library. I am just wondering if there is a possibility for him to secure F1 visa without leaving the country being this a first time demeanor charge. I am on a TN visa and work as a professional engineer. Thanks