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Thread: CDJ Experiences Thread for 2014 - 2017

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    CDJ Experiences Thread for 2014 - 2017

    This thread is for any experience interview/processing through CDJ. This includes IVs for minors, I-601, and I-601A cases.

    This thread is NOT meant for questions regarding the process, finding others with similar interview dates, etc. This is to ensure that information regarding what you can expect can be quickly and easily accessed by those that need it. If you have questions please post in such threads as the I-601 After NSC Waiver Approval to Visa Issuance Timelines and Discussion thread or the Post-Approval section of the forum (for questions about social security cards, green cards, etc.). All items not pertaining to your personal experience will either be moved or deleted.

    Thank you for your cooperation to make this thread as helpful as possible!

    Here is the link for the previous CDJ Experience thread.

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    I just want to share that today my visa was approved. My appt was at 7:15, I got there at 6:45am and the whole process was about 2 hours (the longest two hours of my life). The lady that did my interview was really nice, I have a fifth degree theft and she said it was misdimeanor and it was no problem, I also have three tattoos and I had no problem with that either.

    Questions she asked

    How old were you when you enter the country?

    How did you cross?

    What does your husband do for living?

    Do you have kids?

    Have you had problems with the police ? I said yes, I have a fifth degree theft ...she asked what did you do? I explained.

    Where do you and your husband live?

    We had a conversation about the weather and then she said "congratulations your visa is approved" gave me the green sheet to pick up visa at DHL location and that was it.

    Thank you

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    This is my first post ever as a sit here in Juarez few hrs after my visa was approved. Many thanks to the people that posted helpful info. I spent lots of hrs reading and researching from very useful links and info from this site. It paid off was complemented by the interview officer how well organized and informed I was. Today's process took 2 hrs from the time I left my hotel until I walked out the consulate ' s exit door.

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    I'm posting my CDJ experience here since the last thread was for experiences from 2011-2013 and my experience was in 2014, and I've received messages asking about it so here it is; Thx and good luck to you all!

    LILNAYNAY25 CDJ Consulate Experience

    Hi Everybody below is my experience from my consulate interview from last week, I hope this helps many of you who are still waiting to go or are starting the whole immigration journey. A little background on my case, we filled a 601A Provisional waiver on April 2013 and got an approval on August 2013. We were scheduled for my visa interview on January 16th at 10:15am and I entered the US in 1991 at the age of 9. Never left the US, this was my first trip back to Mexico in 23 years!!!!

    CDJ Experience

    Trip to Juarez;

    Flew into El Paso on Saturday the 11th and spend the night in El Paso as we didn't want to cross the border past 12 midnight. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott near the airport which was very nice and not too expensive at $88 with tax a night and has a full time shuttle that will drive you to the airport and back free of charge, The rooms were spacious and very modern and comfortable.

    Sunday January 12th

    We were driven back to the airport by the hotel shuttle to pick up the shuttle to Juarez. We used Juarez-El Paso Shuttle as when I called Amigo shuttle the rates he quoted me were pricey and he would not take us to our Hotel in Juarez without charging $65 for 2 people from El Paso Airport to the consulate only and demanded an extra $25 to take us an extra 1/2 mile to the La Quinta??? I kind of questioned him on this extra charge as I told him on Sunday the consulate is closed and we had never been to Juarez and prefer to be dropped off at our hotel, but he said it was for the inconvenience to him of crossing back and waiting in line which I thought was a bit too much to go an extra 1/2 mile and he doesn't advertise these extra fees on his website.

    I found Juarez-El Paso shuttle through the official El Paso Airport website; they are licensed, bonded, and have permits with the actual airport to pick up and drop off people there. Mr. Ricardo Cordero was the owner and was very professional and he quoted me $60 for up to 3 people from the El Paso Airport to our hotel/ or consulate. Mr. Cordero met us at the Airport verified our information and spoke English and Spanish which comes handy, He escorted us from the baggage claim area to the van and told us that a couple whose flight had been delayed was coming in and asked if we mind waiting a few minutes for them as to not have to make them wait. We agreed as we were not in a hurry, The other couple arrived a few minutes later and we drove to the border. We crossed at the Zaragoza Bridge the drive took about 30 minutes and we were officially in Mexico, CBP didn't stop us just waived the shuttle thru but we were stopped by the Mexican Checkpoint and just asked to open the back of the van and just looked at the luggage and said ok have a nice day. That was it, It took another 10 minutes to get to our hotel along the way Mr. Cordero pointed out the area where the medical clinics and consulate where, also the hours of the mall, and about how much taxis charge but he pointed out that La Quinta has a shuttle that takes you everywhere.

    We paid him $60 + $10 tip but he never asked but since he was so nice we gave it to him. I recommend his Shuttle service his van was clean and had A/C and had all the permits clearly marked on the side of his van along with his logo. Also it was a 15 passenger van, we actually saw the van from Amigo Shuttle at the Airport as it was parked in the area with all the other taxi companies however their van has no markings except that it was under a sign that said Amigo Shuttle, no permits, its blue and it's a regular minivan which made me feel uneasy and I was happy that I made the right choice in shuttle services.

    We arrived at the La Quinta around 1:15pm our room was not ready so we waited about 40 minutes as we were early and check in is officially at 3pm. Once our room was ready we where given a room on the 2nd floor as the hotel has 3 floors, it has a security gate outside which no one is allowed in or out without a guard letting them in which I thought was nice. Our room had a King bed and was a very good size, the decor is a bit older but the room is spacious and had a refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, iron and ironing board, and blow dryer. It had a flat screen TV and they even offer some channels in HD, However even though I did my research they only offer 1 channel that is in English all the time and that is CNN. All other channels are American Channels like TNT, FOX, Universal but they are subbed in Spanish and we tried to change the setting but couldn't so be prepared if your spouse or children don't speak Spanish.

    The room was very clean, and the hotel offers a full breakfast in the morning with eggs, beans, potatoes, fruit, breads, etc, etc. Also a good tip My husband likes tabasco sauce with his eggs in the morning and the hotel does not offer it, so maybe buy some or bring some because they only offer salsa no hot sauce. Close to the hotel is a S Mart which is a supermarket and offer everything water, bread, fruits, and snacks and they are cheap too, My husband and I walked to it about 1/8 of a mile away and bought water, sweet Mexican bread, snacks, and fruits and it only cost $211 pesos which was roughly $16 dollars which was not bad and it lasted most of the week. Also nearby is WalMart and a Office Depot, WalMart is a little further away about another 1/4 mile but the shuttle took people there often and picked them up.

    We decided not to get the room serviced everyday as we just didn't need it but the housekeeping crew always offered us more towels, coffee, water bottles, and to clean but we only let them clean the room 2 times almost every 3 days and we just hide our electronics and took our money but nothing was missing and they were really nice and professional. Here is another tip, My sister works in the hotel industry in Mexico and the customary tip for service in Mexico is 10-15% you can always tip more but you don't have to. Also do not tip Taxis as they get their tips from the fares, just wanted to let you all know as we found out halfway through our trip that we had been way overtipping as we normally tip 18-25% depending on service oops! in the US.

    The hotel shuttle is very busy during the week, so bring extra money to pay for Taxis as the shuttle sometimes can take up to an hour or more when they take people to the border bridges so if you need to go to the consulate call a cab. Normally there is about 2-3 cabs outside the hotel fence but not always so if you need to be somewhere call the front desk ahead of time to call a cab especially in the morning as it can take 10-20 minutes for them to get to the hotel. Taxis charge $50 pesos per trip to the consulate area, roughly $3.85 which is not bad but make sure you budget accordingly. (Don't Tip)

    Most places will deliver food to the hotel however Mega Tacos across from the hotel were not that great we ordered a Parrillada for 2 people and the steak was cold, and undercooked. It came with 4 tortillas that were cold and the portions were small it was for the both of us and we barely got 2 tacos out of it. The price was $139 pesos but we definitely should have gotten the meal for 4. We ate at the mall mostly and it was pretty good, Tacos Inn was great authentic Mexican Al Pastor, Carne Asada Tacos, Gorditas, Burritos, etc,etc and it was pretty cheap we bought 10 tacos for $119 and they were delicious.

    We also ate at a Hot Dog place in the mall, which is Sonoran style hot dogs and they were also delicious, and cost around $45 pesos for a footlong and $25 for a regular size. There is also an arcade in the mall that has video games and pool tables and bowling alley machine think of a Family Fun Center with a Dave and Busters (w/o The Alcohol) which was a great way to relieve stress and keep occupied.

    The Mall is very secured, and we never felt unsafe as there is lots of stores and places to eat, also there is an IMAX theater which helps pass time.

    Monday January 13th

    I went to Servicios Medicos de la Frontera (Blue and White Clinic) for my medical, I did not have an appointment as I don't believe they take them there but I did hear from different people in the area that there is a newer clinic that is a little ways away from the consulate that you can book an appointment. Also the Clinica Medica Internacional (Tan and Black building) takes appointments but cost a little more.

    We arrived at 5:35am and there was no line, we went up to the entrance and two guards opened the door, they asked for the Interview Letter, and Passport. My husband was with me and they only asked him to empty his wallet and remove his belt to pass through the metal detector. Then they pointed us to the waiting/check in area. (Recepcion) Once we arrived to this area another guard at the entrance of this room and asked who was getting the medical and I said I was. He told me to step inside and told my husband to continue down the pathway and make his way to the cafeteria. He said he can wait there for me so we said our goodbye and I went in.

    After I went in I was asked to sit down in the order that we arrived and a couple of minutes went by and I was called to the desk, A woman asked for my passport, interview letter, and vaccination and medical records. She organized them and paper clipped them together and gave me a number, told me to have a seat and to come back up when my number was called. We sat down in the order we arrived again and then one by one she called us by number, When I went up again she took my picture, verified my name was correct and put a medical brace on my left wrist and gave me a piece of paper and told me to move to the other side of the room and fill it out with my hotel phone number, cellphone number where I could be reached, my address in the US, the last know CITY AND STATE of which I lived in Mexico.

    After filling out this piece of paper out I was asked to sit back down and this time is was not by order that I arrived. After about 20 minutes they began displaying numbers on the screen behind a bank of teller windows which tells you which window to go to. There she asked for my documents and verified my name again, my date of birth, asked if this was my first time at the clinic, and if I had ever been in the US, how long I've lived in the US. Then she took my documents and gave me a white piece of paper and said keep it with you, don't lose it, as you will need it for the vaccinations, read it and make sure you understand it. She then asked me to go to the next room and sit down that they will call me to start the medical examination. I waited outside the x-ray rooms in a group of chairs and again you can sit anywhere and I waited. About 25 minutes later they called the women and men into separate x-ray rooms and told us to take a dressing room and take off our tops including bras and put on a paper robe and go to the x-ray room. You must leave your clothes and belongings in the dressing room. Another Tip: The day of your medical appointment wear your hair up above your shoulders either in a bun or short ponytail as when you go in for your x-ray they ask you to put it up and they offer rubber bands but I saw many women struggling to put their hair up and held up the line.

    Once I was ready I had to go to the x-ray room and they call me by name (so pay attention) and they asked me to stand in front of the x-ray machine, take a deep breath and then it beeped and I was done. I was told to go back and put my clothes back on and take my robe with me as well as my belongings. Once everyone in my group was done we were told to go to the next room where we waited for blood to be drawn. We waited 5 minutes and we were called into another room where they drew blood and were given a band aid and sent to the 2nd floor to do the vision, medical exam. When I got to the 2nd floor again you take a seat not in any order and wait to be called into the next area. After about 5 minutes we were called for the medical exam, we were asked to sit down and pay attention. Now here is where things got strict. The nurse here asked for all of us to be quiet, listen to her, and do as she asked. She was upset that people where not giving her the information she needed and she had to repeat herself so pay close attention. Tip: If you have biological children you may want to write down the Month and Year of the last time you gave birth. Many of the elderly women that were there couldn't remember and this nurse got upset at a lot of them for not knowing this so be prepared. Also don't answer unless the question is being asked to you personally as this made things worst, and don't guess or estimate as she explained that this information is given to the consulate and if you lie it can cause your visa to be denied so don't guess be 100% sure with your answers and spread the word with other people that are gonna go through this.

    Once this nurse took our weight, height, information, and did the vision exam she called us by name to go to a private exam room where we had to get completely naked (unless you were on your period you could keep your underwear on) and wait for the doctor to perform your physical exam. I waited about 10 minutes and the doctor came in, She was nice but spoke very fast she asked me my age, if I smoked, if I did drugs, if I had children, if I been to the US, if I had any medical conditions, if I took any medications, when I started my last period. In the mean time she checked my pressure, my hears, my throat, eyes, and my pelvic area (not my vagina) she listened to my lungs, and heart and asked me to take deep breaths. Another Tip: If you take medications find out the name of them in spanish and remember the dosage and how many times a day you take them as I took all of these in a record but I guess they are double checking the information?.

    After all this she thanked me told me to get dressed and take me robe with me and throw it in the bin in the hallway, and go to vaccinations where they will need the white paper I was given at the teller window before the x-rays and that was it. I got dressed left that area and went to the vaccination area, there I was asked to read the paper, put my name an date and sign it. The paper said that I knew the risks of vaccinations and that I promise to not be pregnant or get pregnant within the next 3 months. Afterward I handed it to a man behind the vaccination window and he informed me that I needed 2 vaccines the MMR (Mumps, Measles, and Rubella) and the Varicella. I was told to go into the vaccine room and then I was pointed to another dressing room booth where another nurse gave me the vaccines. I was told to take a warm bath later if I feel sick or get a temperature and was given a lollipop and told to go back out of the vaccine waiting room and sit down.

    When I came out I was told to sit and suck on my lollipop to avoid feeling queazy and to wait for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes they ask if you feel ok and tell you to go back downstairs and go to the cashiers teller and pay. When I got to the cashier they asked for my name and they gave me back my passport, interview letter, and vaccination/medical records and was told that it was $320 dollars. I paid in dollars but they take pesos and Visa/MasterCard. The medical exam was $220 and the shots were $100.

    I was given a receipt and was told my results would be ready at 1:30pm to comeback then to pick them up. I came out at the other side of the building and made my way back to the cafeteria to get my husband, All in all the whole process took close to 3 hours as we left the clinic at 8:30am but the medical part took easily 2 1/2 hours. It was fine and not as bad as most people think, just be ready and prepared and pay close attention to the questions asked as again they get upset if you guess, lie, and just hold up the line.

    We went back at 1:20pm for the results and try to get there early as they had already let people into the clinic and seats are limited. Also only the applicant is allowed in the waiting room to pick up the results and everybody else must wait in the cafeteria or parking lot so be aware in case is really hot or cold. My results were in the 2nd pile that came out it took literally about 20 minutes but not everybody's experience is the same as I saw people waiting well over 1 to 1 1/2 hours to get their results so be patient and no they don't go by order you arrived or by numbers, just names, also sometimes they ask the applicant to go to a 2nd interview if they have questions so give yourself plenty of time in case this happens to you.

    Also I was told by my lawyer many times to get my shots in the US and even when I was in the waiting room many people were told the same thing but others where told NOT to get them. Here is my two cents about it, I have Diabetes Type 2, I was diagnosed in February 2013 and had to go to the doctor every 6 months for blood work, A1C count and just check ups, I had an appointment with my doctor in the US on December 19th and because of my diabetes my doctor recommended I get a Flu shot and a Hepatitis B shot as I am more at risk due to my condition, I also got a Tdap shot in Feb 2013 again because there was a pandemic of the virus in my state. However my doctor did not think I needed the MMR, Varicella, or other shots as he saw my vaccination record from Mexico (Cartilla de Vacunacion) and even though my last shot before 2013 was in 1998 he did not think it was necessary for me to have more shots. Also I had chickenpox as a child and he said I did not need the Varicella shot either.

    I took records of this with me as well as my Cartilla de Vacunacion from Mexico to the medical clinic and they honored the Tdap, and the Influenza shots but still gave me the MMR and Varicella vaccinations even though I have gotten them as a child in Mexico! so my advice would be to ask your doctor in the states if you have one, if not then just wait, Also if you have insurance most of them cover shots and 1 annual physical a year, so you can always just go ask and make a decision after that, However if you don't have insurance then just wait until you come here as you will have to pay anyway and why pay twice.

    Tuesday January 14th

    I had my biometrics appointment at 1:50pm the office is located in the same plaza as the Sala de Espera for the consulate about 1 1/2 blocks from the Consulate, The office is next to an OXXO store towards the back of the complex. You are advised to get there 15 minutes prior to your appointment. We got there 1 hour before but only because we didn't want to cut it close with the hotel shuttle but you really can get there 30 minutes prior and won't have a problem. I took my DS-260 confirmation, Interview Letter, ASC Biometrics Confirmation, and Passport.

    Outside the office there is instructions on what is prohibited, and what documents to bring, and a big board displaying the time of the appointments that are allowed into the office. Avoid bringing purses if possible, Don't bring gum as they will throw it away and I mean packs of gum unused, also any pens, nail clippers, keys, etc as they will make you take them outside and give them to your spouse or companion or they will make YOU throw them away so read the information outside. Also the guard will not let you in until your appointment time is displayed so sometimes people form a line or stand around the door but if you appointment time is being displayed and you see the line is not moving or people don't move go to the door and ask the guard if you can go in because a lady missed her appointment that way because she waited in a line and the people where actually just standing around.

    After you go in they ask to place your documents in a plastic bin, they will ask you to put your arms up while they run a metal detector wand around your body and then they move you to the front desk area where they asked to see my passport, DS-260 confirmation page, and interview letter. They asked me to put away the ASC Biometric Confirmation, and they took my documents and put them in a plastic folder and told me to move down the desk. After about 5 minutes the agent behind the desk asked me for my documents and looked at them and put information on the computer, asked me if the name on my DS-260 Confirmation page was my married name and I said Yes and he looked me up and down and said to take my documents and go to the guard to the end of the desk and that they will point me to an available window.

    I went to the guard who pointed me to an available window, I went to the window that looks through bullet proof glass so scoot forward if you are short because it makes it hard to hear, There the agent behind the glass asked me for my documents and asked me to read the oath placed to the left of the window and asked if I agreed. The oath just said you swear to tell the truth, and that you understand that lying is punishable by law. Then he asked me if I had already chosen a DHL location for my visa to be delivered. I had to lean in because I couldn't hear him and asked him to repeat the question, He raised his voice and I could tell he got annoyed, He then repeated the question but he was mispronouncing the word so again I asked him to repeat and explain what that word meant? As it was in Spanish! and he got upset. He said the place where you pick up your packet. I said yes I have it, and he calmed down, I apologized to him as I told him I speak spanish but I couldn't understand the word he used and that I wanted to be clear about what he was asking. He said no problem and proceeded to ask me the location for the DHL Location, then asked me to confirm my appointment, and verified my name. He then asked me to remove my hair from my ears and look at the camera, He asked me to take my hand and place it on the prints scanner first right then left and then thumbs.

    After that he told me that I must check in at the Sala de Espera on Thursday by 9:45am and to arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before my appointment which was scheduled for 10:15am hence the 9:45am time. He told me to bring the DS-260 Confirmation page, Interview Letter, Passport, and Medical Results, as well as any other documents an evidence that I will need for the appointment. He then said you do have 2 pictures right? and I said the Passport 2x2 pictures and he said Yes, and I said Yes and he said bring those too. He gave me back my documents and gave me a white piece of paper with important info on how to pickup my visa after the interview and said good luck and that was it.

    I walked back out and it took about 15 minutes for the whole thing to be over. I am not sure what upset him? but one thing that stuck in my head from the previous day was if you are not sure ask to repeat the question or say you are not sure don't agree if you are not sure what the question is. I think he just was not having a good day or something but don't be intimidated, and do be afraid, if unsure ask! and be polite and respectful and patient but don't let them intimidate you either.

    Wednesday January 15th

    We took the day off to catch up on some sleep and hang out around the mall, went to the movies and it cost around $235 pesos for 2 movie tickets and 2 drinks and large popcorn which is around $18 dollars so not bad at all. We also picked up some souvenirs for our family back home at a little store on the 2nd level of the mall across from the food court called Mexiquisito. Found Rompope and candies for around $15 pesos and $90 for the Rompope bottles.

    Thursday January 16th

    We got to the Sala de Espera (waiting room) around 9:10am not because we wanted to be there early but because the hotel shuttle was busy and we decided to go on the 9am shuttle instead of chancing it on the 9:30am and then being late so we left early. We went right in to just sit down and wait to approach the desk at 9:45am but the front desk girl came over and asked to see my Interview Letter, DS-260 confirmation page that had the stamp from the ASC biometrics appointment, and the black medical results envelope. She told me to put my Passport and passport photos away that I didn’t need them yet.

    She told me to line up and follow the line to the check in desk. My husband took a sit and I lined up, I was the 7th person in line and when I got to the desk the man there looked at my documents and stamped them and told me to go follow the line to the other side of the room and listen to instructions. I followed the line to another desk that has a big sign that says Residencia (Residency) and there the man put my documents in order and stamped a number on my interview letter and told me to take a seat and that I will be taken to the consulate shortly. I sat down on the last row of chairs and my husband came over and sat next to me, we waited around for about 20 minutes and I kept an eye on the monitors but all they said was things that were prohibited at the consulate such as; lighters, guns, big buckle belts, DVD’s, cellphones, food, snacks, etc, etc.

    At around 9:40am they started calling us by row and escorting us to the consulate which is roughly a block and 1/2 away from the Sala de Espera. My husband followed us and he chose to wait outside the consulate in the Nicole Plaza but he said that there is a lot of vendors and people selling things but if you just keep to yourself they leave you alone. After we arrived to the front of the consulate we were asked to form a line up against the wall and then the guard checked our documents and pointed us to the big metal door at the front of the consulate and told us to wait to be called in.

    After about 5 minutes the metal door was opened and we were allowed in, there we were asked who were we with, I said just me and then they point me to line up in-front of a metal detector, there they asked me to empty my pockets, and run my folder, purses, sweaters, jackets through the x-ray machine. (Think of an airport security area) then I was asked to walk through the metal detector machine and pick up my documents and folder that I brought with me. After that I was pointed to another door where another guard asked to see my documents, again asked who was I with, and then attached a number to my documents and told me to walk out the door, follow the path to the end of the courtyard and take a left, Go to Sala de Espera #2 at the end of the walking path.

    I just followed everybody else and guards would point me which way to go, When I arrived to Sala de Espera #2 the guard inside asked me to sit down in the order we arrived and that was all he said. I waited for about 20 minutes and looked at the monitors as they were displaying numbers so I waited for my number but then another guard said numbers don’t display on the monitors until you go up to the first window and check in. He then said I will call you up to go to a window and there you will be checked in. I waited about another 30 minutes and finally the guard told me to go to window #35 and so off I went. When I got to the window the girl behind the window spoke in Spanish, asked me who was petitioning me, and then asked for my documents that were put together earlier by the sala de espera desk. She then opened a file folder up and handed me 2 passport pictures that were of my husband she said I don’t need these. She then said if I had my passport and I gave it to her and then she said ok you are all set, asked me to go sit down in the “GREEN CHAIRS” and to wait for my number to show up on the monitor and go to the window that it asks. I thanked her and went back to the chair area where the guards asked me to sit in Green Chairs and look at the monitors.

    I waited here for a what felt forever, there is no clocks in this area so keeping track of time was not possible. The guy next to me had a watch and when I sat down I asked him what time it was and he said 10:40am so we sat and later I heard him tell the lady behind us that it was 12:03pm so time went by really slow cause I thought it was way later. Finally about 30 minutes later I looked up at the monitors and saw my number was 3 down from the top and I went to the window it showed. When I got to the window my interviewer was a Caucasian woman, Young around 28. I said Good Morning and she said Hi. She was all business she was not nice but she was not mean either just down to business.

    She asked me the following questions;

    *How long have you and your husband been together?
    *How long have you lived together?
    *Do you live together now? Yes!
    *Have you ever been arrested? No!
    *Do you have any children? I Said No!
    *Why not? Explained situation *want to keep private but she was ok with answer*
    *So your parents brought you over?
    *Were you 10 years old? I said no 9 years 10 months.
    *Have you ever left the US since you arrived? No!
    *Do you have any pictures? Yes and gave her packet with about 16 pictures throughout the years with my husbands family, my family, and our wedding.

    She then stopped and looked at a picture and said “It’s this your husband?" I looked at the picture and it was a picture of my husband and I sitting at his brothers wedding with his younger brother and his girlfriend, and I said yes and she then pointed at my brother in law and his girlfriend and said “Who are these people?” and I said my brother in law and my now sister in law and she said “OK” and put the pictures away and handed them back to me.

    Finally she asked “What does your husband do?” and that was it, she said Your Visa is Approved and handed me the green piece of paper with a white pamphlet for domestic abuse and said, “Your visa should be ready in the next 5 business days” and have a nice day and good luck. I then stopped and asked her can I ask a question and she said yes and I asked her if there was any way I can change my last name on my visa and permanent residency card as when I started the process I put my married name on all applications but when NVC scheduled my appointment they changed it to my maiden name and she responded she didn’t know. She instructed me to go outside the consulate to the information window and ask that they should know the answer. I thanked her and walked away. I went outside to meet my husband where he was very excited and we both began to cry, it was one of the most exciting and emotional times in our marriage as this long journey that started in 2009 was finally over it took a total of close to 4 hours from start to finish.

    On Friday I went to go ask about changing my last name on the permanent residency card at the information window and I was turned down a couple of times by the guards, who by the way are private security and they are Mexican nationals. It took my husband flashing his American Passport to get us through because they kept arguing with us that the window was closed but yet the window looked opened and people where waiting in line and it wasn’t like there was a huge line it was only about 5 people. I was first told the window is only open until 1pm then they told me 12 and that it closed early and it was 11:30am so until my husband flashed the passport they let us in and there is a sign next to the window that says “INFORMATION WINDOW HOURS OF OPERATIONS 7:00AM TO 1:00PM Monday-Friday” so not sure why the security guards kept trying to keep us away????

    Anyway as for the answer to the question for all you married women out there is NOOOO!!!! but MAYBE??? we asked the information window lady who was an American and she said that on the visa it is impossible to change the last name as it need to match your passport but once you receive the permanent residency card you may be able to contact USCIS and have them change it to your married name. However she had no idea how you do that and where I can find the information? So I guess the answer is...........MAYBE???

    Friday January 17th

    Woke up around 7:00am and checked the CSC website to see if I had a Waybill number and was really surprised that it showed a number which if you click on it takes you to the DHL website and it said that “Shipper notified of shipment information” and so my husband and I signed up for email notifications so we wouldn’t just sit in the room waiting to hear if it been delivered. Around 11am I got an email saying package had been picked up, and by 12:33pm it said package was “Awaiting collection by recipient as requested” My hubby and I missed the shuttle to DHL as it left the hotel at 12pm so we took a taxi who charged me $200 pesos to take us to the DHL Lopez Mateos office and waited for us and brought us back. He said on average people get charged $200 to $270 but if you get asked for way more don’t pay, He was willing to take $170 but I was so happy I gave him $200 as I had a lot to be thankful for. Also the DHL office is about 15-20 minutes away from the consulate area, so be aware that is why they charge so much as it is a bit of a drive, Also the office area is a bit shady so I suggest you check the package label to make sure your name is spelled correctly and wait until you are back to your hotel to open the DHL package. I only took a color copy of my Passport Biometric Page and showed that to the girl for identification to pick up the packet she said that was fine but did tell me that they do accept US State ID’s for identification so bring one just in case.

    We went back to the hotel and opened the packet, inside was my passport with the Visa sticker and a big manila envelope with a corner missing and attached to the front is a page with your picture and your profile information. ***DO NOT OPEN THE MANILA ENVELOPE*** You will turn this in at the point of entry and to a CBP officer. Also inside the DHL packet is 3 sheets with informations on how to obtain a Social Security number, how to pay the Immigrant Fee, and just a Welcome to the US letter. 

Since we were paid up until Saturday for the hotel room we chose to just wait until Saturday morning to cross over, We called Mr. Cordero with Juarez-El Paso Shuttle and we made arrangements to pick us up at our hotel at 7am to take us to the Zaragoza bridge and wait for us to go through the POE and turn in the packet. He charged us $60 and was on time the next morning.

    We logged on to the Elis web page and paid the Immigrant fee, and the front desk agent at La Quinta helped us login and print all the confirmations and it was pretty smooth, We did set up the account on our own computer and then went downstairs and asked the agent to help, however he never kept any of our information and was very helpful and we felt safe.

    Saturday January 18th

    Mr. Cordero picked us up at 6:45am and we were on our way, we arrived at the Zaragoza bridge around 7:05am and Mr. Cordero pointed us to the office where we needed to turn in the packet and helped us with our bags. When we arrived into the CBP Office I was told to line up and wait to be called, about 5 minutes later an agent called me to the cashiers window and I said Good Morning to which I got no response. The agent stared me down and I said I am here to turn in my packet. He told me to get it out of the DHL envelope and pass it through the window opening which I did, He then asked for my passport and said GO SIT!!! (NOT NICE AT ALL)

    I went back to the sitting area and my husband and I waited there for about 20-30 minutes, while we were sitting there the same agent kept staring us down and my husband stared right back and finally I saw another agent go to the desk where my packet was and open it, he then looked at some of the documents, grabbed my passport and stamped it. I got really excited and about 2 minutes later he came out from behind the window area and called my name. He told me the following; This visa allows you to live, work, study, and travel through the United States, Please know that you are not allowed to ask for any sort of Public Assistance and if you get in trouble financially first ask your sponsor not the government for help. He said to keep in mind that any arrest for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is an immediate grounds for AUTOMATIC DEPORTATION. He thanked me for waiting and wish me luck and that was it.

    We walked over to the agents station at the border line he looked at my passport and waived me through, My husband gave his passport and was also waived through. We got to another X-ray machine were we had to run our bags through and we declared we had 2 bottles of Rompope which is a sweet liquor with less than .5% of alcohol and the agents said fine and good luck.
    We met Mr. Cordero on the other side and I was officially back on U.S. Soil Legally!!!!! The time was 8:02am so it took about 45 minutes to 1 hour? Mr. Cordero took us to the El Paso Airport and wished us luck, he was a true professional and was lucky to have found him.

    Overall my experience was good, I found that some of the employees at the Consulate mostly Mexican Nationals let the power go to their heads and mistreat people but you just have to remember to be nice and patient. Border Patrol is Border Patrol and are not friendly even the 2nd agent that stamped my passport was strict and intimidating so just keep your cool. Also if you are like me who was brought here as a child and don’t practice your Spanish much? Start practicing asks your family members and friends to start associating you with it because people in Cuidad Juarez speak fast and don’t like to repeat themselves. The La Quinta rooms were comfortable, however a few of the front desk agents I felt their service was lacking and if I had to do it again I probably choose the Microtel by Wyndham that is next to the consulate as it is walking distance to everything and offers queen beds, all the other hotels near the consulate seemed to be very small and only offered 1 double (which is smaller than a queen) and twin beds which are small specially for American Males over 6 feet tall.

    Also don’t be afraid to talk to your fellow comrades as Amri reached out to me and we got to know each other prior to our interviews and we met up with our husbands and it made things go a lot faster having someone to share the experience with and help each other out. Obviously be careful but also don’t be afraid to meet new friends, and again sorry for such a long post but I wanted to give as many details as possible in the hopes it helps others out there get ready for this roller-coaster ride.

    Thank you all for your love, and support, but most of all sharing your experiences and information to help me out, I really couldn’t have done it without you and please know that I will try to answer your questions as best as I can but please understand that I also would like to keep some things private to protect my privacy so don’t take it personally.

    God Bless All of you and Good Luck and Remember That All Things Through GOD Are Possible, So Don’t Give Up!!!!!
    My Timeline:
    1991 EWI.
    2000 Met hubby.
    2007 Got Engaged.
    2008 Got Married!!!
    2009 Filed I-130 Petition (Started Immigration Process)
    2009 Received I-797 (I-130 Approved)
    2011 NVC closes case due to no communication.
    2012 Repaid fees... Again to re-open case.
    April 2013 I-601A Waiver sent.
    May 2013 Waiver Accepted!!!!
    May 2013 Biometrics Appointment.
    August 2013 PW Approved!!!!

    September 2013 NVC received AOS and Civil documents to close case.
    October 2013 Re-submitted AOS to close case.
    November 2013 NVC Finally closed case!!
    December 2013 Appointment scheduled for January.

    January 16, 2014 VISA APPROVED!!!!!!!
    January 18, 2014 Back in the good ol' US of A!!!!

    February 1, 2014 Received SS Card!!!!
    March 6, 2014 Received GC!! We are officially DONE!!! GOD IS GOOD!!

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    Went to the blue and white clinic at about 5:30 am and was back at the hotel by 7:40. Everything went smooth. He had no shot records and was put four vaccines for a total of 407 and went to pick up the results at 1:30.

    Had appointment for 4:30 but went to check out the place after picking up results and was let in to get them done at about 1:45pm. He was in and out after about ten minutes.

    Interview 2/11
    My husband had appt for 9:15 and out by10:20. Questions asked, do you have the original I601A approval, when did you enter, how? is this your only exit? (typed some things in the computer) "Visa approved!"

    Overall, our experience at CDJ was great. We stayed at Ibis with our 1yr old and felt the room was good size. We were at the fifth floor so had an amazing view but the internet connection was not always great. However, it has the best location and couln't beat the $28 a night anywhere so that was fine! We did go out the mall and even to the plaza to get out and even used the Oriente Poniente bus. Now that was an adventure but for 6 pesos each way it beat taking a taxi that charged us 75! Our dhl packages was available thurs at 4:30 but the tracking number didnt show up until 5:50 pm when it was too late.

    We crossed back on Friday morning walking through the bridge and gave the package and passport at the first waiting room, waited about 40 minutes and were out to the airport!

    Thank you all for the help and experience posts!

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    Hello everyone, since my visa appt was on 2014 I am re-posting my experience on this thread: Hello Everyone!
    I would like to share that my VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED! Praise the LORD and everyone who helped me!!!

    Jan 6 - Visa Interview Appt CDJ

    - My visa interview was at 10:15am. Husband and I arrived to the Sala de Espera at 9:10am. Right away they asked me for my medical black envelope (seal), DS260, and Interview appt letter. They then stamped it and direct you to the US Consulate. I didn't have to wait in the Sala de Espera, they sent me to the Consulate right away.

    -Once at the US consulate, you get in line, they check the same docs again and let you in for revision. They ask to take off your sweaters, and to place your docs in a white bucket. Then you are asked to go through the metal detector machine. Put on your sweater back and grab your docs.

    -Then they give you a number and direct you to the waiting room where you will be interviewed. Once there, they are sitting you in the order that you are arriving in. I was expecting to see my number up on the screen, but no they were just telling us to go to certain windows.

    -It was my turn and the lady asked me for my docs. I gave her everything that I thought I needed. The following documents:
    >AOS form originally sent to NVC (expiration on 2012)
    >AOS updated form (expires on 2015) I think it is very important to check if your form is expired because if it is, then it can delay your visa process.
    >Check stubs originally sent to NVC
    >Recent check stubs for the last 3 months
    >2012 Income Tax + 2012 W2's
    >My Birth Certificate, passport, marriage certificate, i601a and i130 approval notice (she gave me back my i601a and i130, saying she already had copies)
    >2 passport photos
    >Medical black envelope

    -I was then asked to go sit and wait for my number to come up for my interview.
    -My interview was about 5 mins and it was a nice Asian lady who started speaking Spanish, but I responded back in English and she smiled.
    -She made me swear and then she took my biometrics from my right hand (4 fingers).
    -The questions were the following:
    . Who is petitioning you?
    . Marriage date?
    . How did you meet him?
    . When did you start dating him?
    . Do you have kids?
    . Is he your first marriage? and his as well?
    . When did you cross the US?
    . How did you cross and from where?
    . How old were you?
    . When did you arrive to MX?
    . Who did you cross with? I answered my MOM
    . Do you know if your mom pay a Coyote? I answered I DON'T KNOW (it was weird, because she asked this question almost whispering. hehe
    . Was this your only entrance into the US?
    . Is this the only time you have travel to MX since your entrance to the US?
    . Do you have any tattoos?
    . Any problems with the police?
    . Any problems with immigration?
    . Have ever claim citizenship in school, work, etc?
    -She asked to see my i601a approval notice, and I did. I told her I had given it to the other lady and she gave it back. She said it was fine, she just wanted to see it again (she then returned it)

    -Finally she said, YOU ARE APPROVED as she was grabbing the green slip paper!
    -I was like, OMG!!!!

    Honestly, I felt my interview happened so fast. I was out by 11am. I do recommend arriving at the Sala de Espera at least 1 hour earlier.

    I couldn't stop smiling! I couldn't wait to see my husband and give him the good news... I didn't realize she asked so many questions until my husband started asking,hehe Also, I asked her if I could have my originals back such as birth certificate, and marriage certificate and she said sure! Finally I thank her and she said have a nice day! I for sure will never forget her.

    I hope my experience help all of you who are getting closer to finish with this process. I wish you the best of luck!

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    As everyone knows, this is a nerve breaking process and having to wait 6 weeks in between our I-601A approval and my wife’s appointment date didn’t help. I wished it was a shorter wait because these 6 weeks really intensified my stress levels in so many ways. Even with an approval in-hand and no negative issues like DUI’s, arrest or deportation, you never know what they have in their system. They might have some detail that we didn’t know about or catch a small mistake that went unnoticed. No matter how you look at it, this was a gamble to go Ciudad Juarez. Our life is going to completely change one way or another.

    I hope by writing this, it helps someone through their journey, because we have read a lot of experiences that helped us in preparation for our journey to Ciudad Juarez.

    Day 1 – Monday February 10, 2014

    We started our journey flying from Las Vegas to Phoenix then finally to El Paso. One thing I tried to notice was if there were any CBP agents around the El Paso airport, like others have said there were, but I didn't see any. I wasn't too worried about an encounter because we had all our paperwork and my wife had Deferred Action. We were in a hurry and didn't spend a lot of time at the airport, since we were already late for our shuttle to our hotel. We booked with El Paso\Juarez shuttle a few days before arriving. I hadn’t been to Mexico in 22 years and when I did go as a kid, we always flew deep inside Mexico, so as we approached the border, seeing the fence and Border Patrol, was a surreal scene to me. It just didn’t seem real; you see the fence on TV, but seeing in person stretching for miles and miles just made me feel like we were in a different world. I think I was more nervous than my wife, even though I know I was coming back for sure.

    As our shuttle bus driver, Ricardo, paid the toll fee to cross the Zaragoza Bridge he said to make sure you have your passport on you because the Mexican Customs officers will ask for it if we are stopped and inspected. I, of course, had mine in my luggage, so I was really hoping we didn't get stopped. Fortunately, we were able to cross without being stopped and it took about 25-30 minutes to get to the Microtel. Our driver pointed out all of the important buildings around the area which was very informative. We were charged $60 for the trip, but we also tipped him $10. The Microtel is small and the rooms were average size, but the location is perfect and it is literally minutes from everything you need. We decided to get a suite because they were a little bigger than their regular rooms and they had a small refrigerator and a microwave. They have good customer service, but we had a few problems with the room. When we got to our room we noticed the faucet in the bathtub was missing. They quickly offered to fix it or move us to a different room. We took another room and as we walked in, it had a very strong smell. It was almost like paint, but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We were debating if we should ask for yet another room, but we decided to catch the 2pm shuttle the hotel offers to Wal-Mart and buy some air freshener and Lysol. At Wal-Mart, along with the air freshener and Lysol, we bought some snacks and bottled water. The Wal-Mart is located near La Quinta not far from the Microtel. There’s a lot of road construction on the street La Quinta is on and it looks like they just recently started. It's down to just one lane in each direction. I don't know if all the construction will delay your trips to and from La Quinta if you are staying or considering La Quinta in the near future. We got back to the hotel and sprayed the room. It seemed to fix the problem, but after a few hours, I started feeling sick and my wife's allergies were acting up. She already had a small cold, which I was already worried about for her medical the next day, so we asked for another room. They quickly gave us another room and it was 100 times better. We then went to for walk to get to know the area for tomorrow and went to the mall. The mall is very nice inside and had a lot of food options, even American restaurants like McDonalds and Domino's.

    Day 2 – Tuesday February 11, 2014

    We woke up around 4:30am to get ready to go to the Clinica Medica Internacional, the brown building on the corner. It was literally a 3 minute walk from the hotel. We arrived at 5:20am and lucky for us, they were letting people in because it was cold outside. There were a few people ahead of us, so we were hoping we would be out fairly quickly. All my wife took was her passport and her interview appointment letter. I was directed to a waiting area. My wife had to fill out her contact information on a small piece of paper, including hotel phone number. A few people ahead of her didn't have the right paperwork and were asked to leave their spot. They took her picture, verified name and DOB as well as sign her signature electronically. She was asked to wait until someone in the reception desk called her. This is where she turned in her contact information. Then she had to wait for the windows to open. At this window they took her passport, appointment letter and asked her to verify some information like name, DOB, highest level of education and other basic information. They actually verified her personal information at every step of the process to make sure there aren't any mistakes. She proceeded to get her blood drawn, took a vision test, and then sent to a room to take all her clothes off. She had her vitals taken and asked questions about her medical history, current medication being taken, if she has taken any illegal drugs, if she had any piercings or tattoos and if she had any children. My wife could hear another young women being grilled about her monthly cycle. The other women wrote she wasn't pregnant, but her cycle was off by almost 2 weeks, so they told her she might need a pregnancy test. Some of the vaccinations can cause birth defects or miscarriages, so I suppose it’s important to know your cycles and give the correct information. After this, my wife got a chest x-ray and then her vaccinations.

    After her medical was finished, she came to the waiting area to get me so we could pay. She paid by credit card that had her married name. I thought it might be a problem, because they have her maiden name on all the paper work. Her passport does state that she is married to me, so they said that was ok. The total was given to in US Dollars, but they charged us in Pesos, $5,486.40, so about US$415. They gave her passport and interview letter back after she paid. They said to come back at 2pm to get the results. So, we got there at 5:20am and finished at 6:50am and we were back at the hotel before 7am. I was shocked how fast it was. They were very organized and the security and the staff were friendly. My wife said all the exam areas looked cleaned. We went back at 1:40, in case they would let us in early, which they did. I had to wait in front lobby and my wife went to get her results. She said they called a few people to a different room for unknown reasons, but we speculate it probably wasn't good. She was given the famous black envelope that is to be kept sealed and given to the immigration officer at her interview, a CD with her lung x-rays and a Vaccination Documentation Worksheet. After reviewing the worksheet I got worried. On the bottom left corner, it was marked “Vaccine history incomplete" and "Applicant may be eligible for blanket wavier(s) because vaccination(s) not medically appropriate (as indicated above)". Some vaccinations need more than 1 dose and I thought we had to wait for the rest, which would weeks after these vaccinations. I called our lawyer and she said not to worry. It just means it is not medically necessary. I haven't seen anyone else mention this before, so maybe someone can shed more light on this.

    As I mentioned earlier, my wife had a small cold, but it didn't affect the medical exam. I guess if you are really sick, like coughing out a lung, you might have a problem.

    Day 3 – Wednesday February 12, 2014

    We finally got to sleep in and went to have breakfast at the Denny’s nearby. She had her biometrics scheduled for 12:10 and we arrived around 11:40. They won’t let you in until they post your time, so don’t get there too early. I told my wife not to bring anything but the paperwork that was needed, so they wouldn't have to search her purse and cause a delay. She took her ASC appointment letter, IV appointment letter and passport. They took her photo and fingerprints very quickly. I waited outside for about 10 minutes and she came out. This day went by so slow, because we didn’t have much to do after her biometrics, just go to the mall and wait at the hotel her interview the next day.

    Day 4 – Thursday February 13, 2014

    Somehow I was able to sleep the previous night and finally wake up to the day we have hoped for and feared for. Her Immigrant Visa appointment was set for 9:15am, so we planned on being at the Sala de Espera around 8:30am. As we arrived, I was shocked how packed it was in the Sala de Espera. Every seat was taken and people were lined up against all the walls, it was almost shoulder to shoulder. We waited in line for 20 minutes so my wife could get checked-in. She presented her passport and appointment letter, which they stamped with a number. They asked me to wait outside, since it was so packed inside. It was almost 10am when they finally called a group of people that included her number. I walked with her until we reached the consulate. I was going to wait for in a seating area in the Nicole Plaza, next to the consulate. She waited another 10 minutes right outside of a steel door until they let her inside. There must have been some sort of delay with the consulate, because when my wife’s group was called, it included people with 8:15 and 8:30 appointments.

    She proceeded to get searched and go through a metal detector. They gave her a number, which will be your number for the process inside the consulate, so it’s important not to lose it. There aren't any signs inside the consulate, so security will tell you where to go. At the first window, they took her passport, appointment letter and the medical exam results, which they open at this point. They verified her birth date, birth country and address. We just moved at the end of last year, so my wife was able to change her address at this window. After this, they ask you to sit and wait for your number.

    After a long wait, her number finally pops up and she went to window for her interview. They had her take an oath, verify her name, date of birth and petitioner name and they took more fingerprints. Here is what they asked:

    What is your husband’s name?
    Do you have any children?
    What is your wedding date?
    When did you meet?
    How did you meet?
    When did you cross?
    How did you cross? She answered EWI and he kind of chuckled to himself, since it was a lawyer answer, I suppose.

    He asked if she had any pictures and she had a few. Our lawyer said it wasn't necessary to bring any, but we brought some just in case.

    He asked if her parents paid a “coyote” to get her across and she replied she didn't know, which was the truth. She was very young when she was brought over and couldn't recall how she was brought over.

    Did you have any trouble with the police or immigration? No.
    Do you have any traffic violations? No.
    Have you been to Mexico before you crossed this time? No.
    Not even for 1 day? No.

    He said ok you are approved. The interview was only 2-3 minutes long. There were computer problems, so my wife had to wait more. The interviewer than went to lunch and left my wife and a few other waiting for a long time. Someone finally calls my wife and again tells her again that she is approved and gives her the green paper. In total, she was in the consulate just over 4 hours. It was the most nerve wrecking wait of my life. I waited the whole time in the Nicole plaza that is right next to the consulate.

    All we needed now was to get the DHL package so we could go home. My best case scenario at this point was for the consulate to issue the visa to be able to get her package the next day or Saturday. If the consulate didn’t issue it by the weekend, we would be stuck in Ciudad Juarez for at least another 3 days (Monday was President’s Day.) I checked the website they gave us to check the tracking of DHL package all night, but nothing came up. I feared the computer problems they had at the consulate would delay our return home.

    Day 5 – Friday February 14, 2014

    Today was Valentine’s Day and it will be our most memorable one ever. We were both very happy and excited that we were approved, but I still wanted get home ASAP. I woke up and still got nothing from the website. We went to the mall and just killed time, but still no news about the visa on the website. In the late afternoon, the CEAC website updated the visa status as “issued”, but the website from the green paper still didn’t have any tracking information. It was getting late and I just conceded the fact that they issued the visa, but couldn’t get it to DHL in time and that we were stuck here until next week. So I took a nap. I woke around 6pm and checked the website and it showed the visa was ready for pick-up. The tracking had the visa picked up from the consulate at 3:23pm and ready for pick up at 4:01pm. There is probably a delay in the tracking, because I know I checked it during this time frame. It was too late to pick it up, since DHL closes at 5pm. Luckily, the DHL office is open on Saturday’s, so we booked our flight for the late afternoon the next day, scheduled the shuttle that brought us on Monday and planned to be at the DHL office at 8am, when they open.

    Day 6 – Saturday February 15, 2014 – (

    We woke up around 6:30 am and got our stuff ready so we could leave ASAP. We took a taxi to the DHL office that cost 200 pesos round trip just before 8am. We chose the Lopez Mateo location, because on Google maps it seemed like it was a more direct route than the other location. It’s about 10 minutes from the Microtel. We opened the package and it had the manila envelope that CBP opens at the POE, her passport and papers about paying the immigrant fee and about getting a SS card. We tried to pay the fee right away, but the system was down. I was worried, because it states you have to pay before entering the US. I searched the website and I found out that you don’t have to pay before entering, so we went ahead and started our journey back home.

    We left the hotel around 9:30 and got to the Zaragoza Bridge around 10 am and waited an hour on the bridge before getting to the check point. I saw the entrance to the building where you turn in your paperwork and get your visa stamped, but our driver didn’t pull in to the building. He said he likes getting to the check point and having the CBP direct us where to go. When we reached the check point we presented our passports and were asked a few questions:

    Did we have drugs or any other illegal items?
    Do you have luggage?
    Where are we going?

    We said Las Vegas and he gave us a weird look. He jokingly said “Why are going there for, to get married?” We said “No, we live there. We’re already married.” He directed my wife to the building to turn in her paperwork and passport and I stayed in the shuttle, which our driver preceded to park on the US side. I went inside to find my wife and we waited for CBP do whatever it is they do with the package. We waited about 10 minutes and they called her to get her stamped passport. It wasn't very busy at the office that day. There were maybe 10 people in the room that looks like it can hold a few hundred. After this, we were on our way to the airport. We finally got home at 5pm Las Vegas time. I never felt so happy to be home.

    On the way back to the airport in El Paso after crossing, I just reflected on the process that we started in October 2007. I never thought we would get to this point because we kept delaying the process. We were hoping for our carrot on a stick, the Dream Act or immigration reform, to pass congress, but it’s the same old story every year. We were ready to take the plunge last year, and that’s when the I-601A was announced. It sucked we had to delay the process yet again, but it was worth the wait. It’s not 100% guaranteed when you go, but it’s better than the regular I-601 process.

    The trip and the process in Ciudad Juarez was a lot smoother than I feared. I had so many worries, like my wife not passing the medical because she had a small cold to her being denied because they knew something we didn't. My stress level is dramatically lower since we came back. I would constantly worry about the process, have horrible “what if” scenarios in my head all the time. It is weird not having this hold us back. Everything that wasn't possible before is now possible, which is exciting and scary at the same time.

    Good luck to everyone in your journeys.

    I-130 filed through CSC - 10/10/07
    NOA1 for I-130 - 1/11/08
    NOA2 for I-130 - 4/4/08
    I-130 @ NVC - 4/17/08
    SENT AOS BILL - 2/28/09
    SENT DS-3032 - 2/28/09

    I-601-A - 7/26/2013
    Biometrics - 8/23/2013
    I-601-A Decision - 11/12/2013 - APPROVED!!
    NVC CLOSED CASE 12/6/2013
    CDJ APPT. 2/13/2014!!!! APPROVED

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    Hello Everybody, finally I'm here I was exhausted.

    We left California last Thursday and arrive to Juarez at 2 pm. We used the El Paso to Juarez shuttle and the guy was there waiting for us when we arrived. I told my husband I was having second thoughts and I wanted to go back home. Let me tell you the period of time when you are in the shuttle going to Juarez must be one of the scariest periods of time. My husband 2 girls were with me , and we stayed at Maria Bonita Hotel. The hotel is very clean and nice, the rooms are big enough for families, it has an indoor pool and a game room to keep the little ones entertained. The first day we had lunch at the hotel's buffet which they serve from 12-6 everyday and the food is pretty good. In the afternoon we decided to walk to the mall. if you stay at the other hotels you cross a little white bridge and that will take you to the mall. At Maria Bonita they have some taxis that are free and other ones that you pay 50 pesos to take you to the mall, there is no crossing lights so be aware if you cross the streets nobody will stop for you and the traffic is 3 way. Well the mall is very nice and lots of cheap eateries but also when you eat in any American restaurants you will pay double than you pay in the US, especially Denny's.

    I had the physical at the new clinic called Medico de visas and I loved the service. If you have kids you might consider this clinic, you can make an appointment from the US so you don't have to wake up your kids at 4 in the morning. I was in and out in 1 hour, and you can take your purse and your phone with you, is very clean and everybody that works there is absolutely nice. I've had just had a really bad cold close to pneumonia and a positive ppd in the states so I was scared that something would come up on my X-rays, at 2 pm we went to pick up my results and I was shaking and so happy when I finally got them. Also this clinic has free shuttle pick up and drop off from your hotel so you save like 20 dollars in taxis, this clinic is behind the Holiday Inn hotel. In the afternooon we went to the mall again and my girls played at Peter piper in the mall is like a chucky cheese kind of thing, we had ice cream at the Michoacana, and crepes from the vendor in the middle of the food court.

    Saturday I had my appointment for the biometrics at 8:10, my phone kept changing the time by itself all the time and I arrived by mistake at 6:30 instead of 7:30. i was first in line but the guy did not let me in, he made me wait until it was 8:15 to go in. Also he wont let you go in if you have a cell phone so arrange to leave it with somebody before you go in also no bags. It was very cold so my husband and the kids went to have breakfast at the Gorditas Mexicoplace, their breakfast is is only 45 pesos and is very good their caldo de res in the afternoon is also delicious. They have a guy talking outside he is really funny and all the people there is also very nice. in the afternoon we went to the movies at the mall, and let me tell you that movie theater is better than the one we have here by my house.

    Sunday I rearreange all of my papers and memorize all my important dates, we went to eat al El Fogoncito and took the gilrs to a spa day at a place called princess in the second floor of the mall. The girls got their hair done with glitter and the whole pricess thing and a manicure for 160 pesos. Make sure you change your money there is a place that changes dollars in the first floor.

    Monday was my big day I arrived at 5:55 they opened the door at 6 am, take a good jacket the mornings are very cold and you have to do quite a walk from the waiting area to the place wheere they do the interviews. Pay attention and do not be afraid to ask questions. The sound system did not work so it was hard to catch your appointment since it could be either the computer a guy calling your name or somebody just calls your name over the phone. During my appoinment the lady was vey cold at first she asked me what does my husband do, where was he at the moment i told her in the waiting area and she asked if I was sure he was there, she made a lot of questions kind of to make me doubt what had I just said. she kept asking same question but always ended with "are you sure" she also asked how many kids and when and how I crossed, and if I had any problems with police or immigration, I answered no and that I had a police report from my town but she said she didn't believe in those because she wasn't sure if I had bought it off the street. After that she kept looking at her computer and said you are approved and finally gave me a smile. I met my husband at gorditas Mexico next door since the consulate is so crowded we had breakfast there then walked to Maria Bonita to rest. i did not wanted to be obssessed over a waybill so at 4 I was just creating my account and to my surprise my passport was ready for pick up, ON THE SAME DAY. We could not find a flight back until Wednesday so Tuesday we went to the kids museum that only 5 minutes from there, its like a whole day kind of thing and it also has like a nice park and a lake. A good outing for the kids is 6 dollars per person and it has a 3d dinasour show which you pay separate, let me tell you is an interactive museum for kids and its top notch, we were very impressed.

    WEdnesday we came home back to Cali. if you have any questions feel free to pm me since we can't post questions only experiences here. Don't be afraid to be in Juarez with your family. all the people that we met were the most humble and nice you will ever meet. Most of the time we stuck with the same taxi guy for everything we did but we never felt threatened at all. At Maria Bonita we ate everything and had agua fresca and every single thing on their menu and we never got sick, also I forgot it has like a little church kid of thing where you can go pray before and after each appointment. Good Luck to Everybody. and you are not going to believe this but my family had so much fun that in the future we are going to Chihuahua to vacation.

    And Ady I think god has been with me like you said my proccess was really fast, but it was because he wanted me to walk you through it, dont loose hope, but you better go soon I'm missing my daily bread from Sanborns.

    PS if you have any tickets make sure you take court papers for any encounters you have with the law, as I saw a couple of guys having a hard time with their interviewer because of simple tickets, I hope my experience helps you but remember all the interviewers are different and they have their own question as everybodys case is also different.

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    Country: Mexico

    First and foremost I want to thank God for helping me through this whole process, to all those who helped me on this forum, the moderators for being so helpful, and for all the encouragement. I was so blessed to find this forum, it's such a comforting feeling to know and be a part of a support system who can identify with what I'm going through. Thank you guys so much!!

    I would like to share a little background on my case. I was born in Mexico and when I was 6 years old my family took me to the U.S. (Illegally of course) I don't have memories of Mexico, this country was all new to me. About 19 and half years later I came back! I didn't work with a lawyer I did this myself with help from a friend, and this forum. Here is my experience, Be warned it's very long and I absolutely share every detail to help those understand of what to expect. I wish you guys the best!


    My husband and I drove from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Milwaukee, Wisconsin about 2 hours. When we got to Milwaukee, Wi my family took us to General Mitchell Airport. We checked in with TSA, my husband used his driver's license and I used my Mexican Passport. We handed the agent our identifications and boarding passes, I was a bit nervous but a reassurance feeling came over me. The TSA agent gave us back our stuff and said okay go through. We then had to put our belongings in a tray, remove our shoes, security padded us down, medal detector, went through a full body x ray machine. We were cleared, collected our belongings and took a seat to wait for our plane. We boarded a small plane. Our first stop was to Chicago, Illinois. Ride was smooth, arrived in Chicago didn't have to go through any more searches. We then took our second plane, this one was more bigger. We now were headed to El Paso, Texas. I could tell we were at a higher altitude then the first air plane ride, so we had some minor headache. So take an Advil or bring some along if you like to prevent the headache.

    We got to El Paso, Texas and Mr. Ricardo Cordero was waiting for us (we had called him to pick us up thanks to Liliana for suggesting him) I highly recommend him here is the link He asked me are you Aidee? I said yes, he showed me his name tag that had his company logo on it and said welcome, I am Mr. Cordero. He is a sweet older man, I felt so secure we had hired him. There was another couple joining us we headed to the parking lot. I saw a white van, with the logo, very clean and comfortable. We started to ride towards Mexico. Along the way I saw the famous brown fence, two patrol trucks and two immigration agents. A few steps before crossing onto Mexico I saw three more immigration agents, two of them were just talking and laughing, one was just looking at us. They didn't stop us or give us too much attention. Mr. Cordero paid the $3 fee to cross into Mexico. The Mexican Police stopped us and asked Mr. Cordero the purpose of the trip, he answered their here for consular purposes. He came around opened the door looked at us and asked do you have anything to declare? Any alcohol etc.? We said no, he then asked to see the trunk he looked at it for a few seconds but didn't search anything and said okay go ahead.

    We were officially in Mexico!! I was in complete culture shock. Be prepared to see poverty, people asking for money, houses falling apart, broken down cars, lots of dogs, very trashy city. I couldn't believe this, my husband must of sensed my nerves he grabbed my hand and said it's okay, We're going to be fine. It took me about a few minutes to realize this was no longer the U.S. I felt in a different world, I had never witnessed such poverty. It was a very humbling moment for me. We arrived at La Quinta, I saw it was all gated very secure, they allowed us in, Mr. Cordero said good luck and when your ready to come back just call me and I will be here to pick you guys up. His service was $60 we gave him a $10 tip.

    We checked in for 5 nights came out til $289 U.S. (I had done the reservation online with La Quinta website about $47.50 U.S. a night). We arrived in our room, a king size bed, microwave, refrigerator, coffee machine, sofa, desk with very comfortable computer chair. Decent tv, iron and board. It's very clean, spacious and very comfortable. They have a laundry room where you put coins, small gym, computer room with a printer, swimming pool, hot tub, dining room, food machine, a little area where they sell snacks and medicine. There are tall walls along the hotel so you can't really see much of the city, which is nice because it's not a pretty sight. When your in the hotel you don't feel like your in Mexico, everything is so nice here.

    We settled in and got hungry so we decided to go across the street to Omega Tacos, be careful crossing the street, very busy, fast drivers they won't stop for you. You have to wait til it clears a bit and run! We ordered 9 tacos and 1 soda came out til $22 U.S. They took a long time to serve our food. While we waited a man came with a small child asking for donations in exchange for sweet snacks. My husband said sorry no, we don't want to risk ourselves by taking our wallet out and them seeing or money we are being very cautious. Another lady came in we said no. Our food came, my husband really loved their tacos. They were huge, fresh corn tortilla, we were only able to eat 3 each so we took the rest back to the hotel. My husband loved the tacos for me they were decent. On our way to our room I heard singing and music in the conference room and they were having a church service. I went in and saw people singing and worshiping. I decided to stay for a bit and join them and pray. Felt very nice and re energized.

    MEDICAL - MARCH 31, 2014 (MONDAY)

    I got up around 1:30 am due to my stomach being a little upset, I took a tums and that took the pain away. I couldn't go back to sleep. So I checked emails, surfed the web. By the way internet is connection is very good, you have to get password from receptionist. The shuttle service here starts at 6 am and I wanted to be at the clinic at 5:30 am so I called around 5 to the receptionist and asked if they can call a taxi for me. They receptionist (a man) asked what was it for I said I want to go to the clinic. He said mam it's too early our shuttle service will take you at 6 am for free, it's much safer you don't want to be there too early. I agreed and thanked him. My hubby and I were up and decided to go down into the lobby and wait there, we went to sit on the bench and wait for the shuttle to come. We were there around 5:30 am, people started coming to line up for the shuttle van. All 12 of us fit looks like that was the maximum limit. They dropped people off at clinics first then the consulate.

    I decided to go to the Servicios Medicos de la Frontera (white blue building). A guard asks to see your passport and visa interview letter, they let you in and you put your belongings in a tray, you go through a medal detector. We then walked a bit down to go to the main building (it is gated very secure) another guard asked who was the appointment for I said me he said okay come in your husband can go a bit further down to the cafeteria (a building right next door). So I took a seat, they said to have your passport, visa interview letter and any vaccine/ immunization records ready. My turn came I went up (it's a line sitting down but you switch seats like musical chairs lol) gave him my passport, visa interview letter, vaccine record, he clipped them and gave me a number, I was 54, they give you a small piece of paper where you put your name, what hotel your staying at, the number to hotel, your address in the United States or in Mexico if you have one. Make sure you bring a pen it will make things much faster. They ask what level of education. Then you sit back down, until another man calls you, I gave him my clipped documents, he took a picture of me, gave me a wristband with my number and a bar code on it. I went to sit at another section (they give really good instructions so you won't get lost or confused along the way). Then you have to watch your number on the screen when it comes up it will tell you what window to go to. I then handed my clipped documents to a lady she asked me to verify my name and personal information on the computer, they ask you a few questions, what you do for a living, level of education. Then she keeps your documents and told me to go sit in the women's section.

    They call the group of women and they tell you to go into a private dressing room where you have to remove your shirt and bra Only and put a robe with the back slit on the back. You have to have your hair up if you don't they will tell you. You then wait for them to call your name and they escort you in a dark room where their going to take an x ray on your lungs. They ask you to a breathe in and hold it (take a big one some people had to do it 3 times so make sure it's big) then they say okay release it. Then you go back to your private room (a few feet from there you leave your belonging there very secure) and put your bra and shirt back on but don't throw away your robe your going to need it again. So they instruct you to go upstairs (you follow the foot steps on the floor, you won't get lost their very good and instructing you so don't worry). You then take a seat then a lady calls you in by groups.


    Their going to call you by your name if you have heels take them off if you have flats and sandals don't they get mad if you do. They are going to weigh you and check your height measurement. Then you are going to stand where they are going to instruct you and do a vision check. If you wear glasses they'll ask if it's for near or far. If you wear contact lenses just let them know, I told her I did and she made a note and said ok. You cover your eye up and have to tell her which way the letter E points. For example Click on this link so you can see the example:

    Then you take a seat and wait til they call your name, once they do get your stuff and your robe and they will take you to a room where the doctor will see you (just like regular doctors office/ clinic). You have to get completely naked and put your robe on with the slit towards the back. You will have your own private room so don't worry. Doctor came in said hello is this your first visit here I said yes. She asked, are you allergic to eggs or meat, do you use drugs, have you been arrested, any problems with immigration I said no to all. She took my blood pressure, listened to my lungs had to breathe in and out three times, she checked my ears, mouth and eyes. I then had to lay down on my back she lowered the robe down to my waist she checked my breast, did some soft rubbing around my stomach area. Then she covered my top body back and uncovered the bottom part. She asked me to bring my knees to my chest, and then spread my legs to the side. She looks briefly around your private area but very quickly. She told me to get up and let my robe hang of my body I walked with my back towards her. She said okay thank you, good luck you can put your clothes back on. Head out to the lab throw away your robe not in the room but outside their is a big garbage can.

    They sit you down and then they come and take some blood out not a lot just a bit, they ask if your okay and then they send you to another window where they scan your wrist band and they tell you how many shots their going to give you. They told me I needed 2 the Influenza (flu) and Varcilla (chicken pox). They give you the vaccines and give you a lollipop and ask you to sit and wait for 10 mins. Then they ask you if you feel fine and they send you to pay. You wait your turn in line they ask to see your wrist band to see the number. Then they tell you how much you have to pay in US money I thought that was nice since I paid with my credit card. My total came to $306. I paid and signed the recipept, she gave me back my passport, visa interview letter and vaccine record. She told me to come back at 1:30 for the results.

    I want to the cafeteria next building very close to meet my husband. He was very relieved once he saw me. I was in there for 2 hours. Not bad everything felt so quick. We decided to walk back to La Quinta not very far you could see the hotel from the consulate. Took us about 15 minutes, we enjoyed it wasn't scary just please be careful crossing streets is dangerous you have to run. My husband took charge and made me feel very protected. We got to the hotel and breakfast was still going on. Breakfast here is free. They had quesadillas, chilaquiles, beans, cereals, toast, breads, yogurts, fruit, orange juice, horchata, Jamaica. Food was very good.

    We took the shuttle service back to the clinic went in and they call you by your name, they give you a black envelope DO NOT OPEN IT THATS FOR THE OFFICER AT THE VISA INTERVIEW TO OPEN IT. They give you a cd and sheet of the shots you got that you keep don't take to the interview. My hubby and I decided to come back walking. We got here safe, went to the pool to relax and swim. After we got hungry he still had 3 tacos from yesterday so we went to buy food for me we went across the street to the right of our hotel to El Mandil Sonorense and bought 3 sodas and 1 torta paid about $7 US dollars was very good. We went to the pool and just relaxed. We passed the lobby and saw they had tortas, chicharon, nuts, salsa and beers. We just grabbed one torta, chicahron, nuts and a sprite. There was two other people eating too. The chef comes out and says excuse me but this food is for a group I have coming, I said oh we didn't know we can pay. He said no it's okay. I had read that sometimes they had food for guest so that's why I thought it was lol oh well the tortas were good. We Came back to our room and I was tired fell asleep at 8.

    DAY OFF - APRIL 1, 2014 (Tuesday)

    So today was our day off, and since I had went to bed early I woke up at 4:30 am couldn't sleep any more so I was just on my ipad. The internet connection is pretty good, I been able to FaceTime with family back home. We headed to breakfast around 7 am, they had chicharon en chile today with the same other foods I mentioned for Monday Brekafeast, was delicious! We came back to our room to rest for a bit and we decided to go to S-MART a grocery store not too far like a 5 minute walk. You can see the store sign from the parking lot to the right. So we went walking, the store was huge and prices were soo cheap!!! We bought the following: 12 pack of water bottles, 2 power drinks 1 liter each, half a gallon of milk, a pack of 63 cookies, 20 lollipops, a huge bag of chicharon spicy, limon chips. Came to a Total of $12 U.S dollars. The cashier told us if we like to give a donation to the older man who bagged our groceries that he didn't get paid, he made his wages off of what people gave him. We gave him $40 pesos about $3 US dollars. He said thank you and we came back to the hotel walking. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a mini food stop across our hotel, we bought 4 burritos, 1 quesadilla and 1 drink we paid about $7 U.S. Dollars the food was soo good!

    We decided to go out by the pool and relax and just catch some sun for about an hour. We then came back and watched tv, I took a 40 minute nap. My husband's cousin who lives in New Mexico came to visit us and took us out the hotel. We went to the mall across the consulate, it's very secured. There are guards everywhere. They have a movie theatre, lots of stores, a place to play games, and we went upstairs where they have the restaurants to eat. We went to EL Fongoncito. It's a nice mini restaurant soooo yummy!! You guys have to go and eat there trust me! They serve you four different salsas with chips. We ordered 4 tacos, 4 sopes, 1 order of cebollitas in soy sauce (the best), 1 salad (it was huge), 1 baked potato and 2 drinks. Our total was $22 US dollars was soo cheap and the food was delicious.

    We then walked around and left the mall. My husbands cousin took us to another mall a bit down called La Plaza de Juarez, it's very safe as well. Guards are all over the place, this mall is not as luxurious as the other one but prices are much cheaper. We had a great time walking and seeing the stores. It was around 8:42 pm and she brought us back to the hotel. We had such fun today. Maggie got in today she decided to eat in hotel and rest up I was out so we decided to meet up in the morning.

    BIOMETRICS - April 2, 2014 (Wednesday)

    I woke up around 6:30 am and headed down to the lobby for breakfast around 7:00 am. Maggie came down too. We saw each other and we knew what we looked like since we had texted each other a picture of us so we would know lol. We hugged each other and were so excited, we had breakfast together. This time we had papitas with carne en chile colorado (rojo) and the regular breakfast menu. We talked for a few hours and shared our history about our cases and life. She then took the shuttle to pick up her medical results. Hours later we went across the street to a food post to to buy burritos their $12 pesos which is .92 cents U.S. We then came back to hotel and grab our documents for our biometric appointment. We were waiting outside for the shuttle so I decided to ask receptionist when it was coming back which was another 30 mins so I asked if they could call a taxi. They called the taxi and it was here in less than 5 minutes. Taxi driver was nice, the car was very clean. He drove us to the biometric office and charged us $50 pesos about $3.84 U.S. Dollars. We then headed to walk to the biometric office. When you get there they have the time of the appointment their allowing.

    If you don't need to take a purse don't, just take your documents, passport, ds260, visa interview letter and biometric interview letter. Don't take cell phones, dinks, gum, pens nothing. Many people had to give their stuff to their spouses or throw it out. So take less so you don't have a hard time. When 1:40 time showed up I walked to the door the guard ask me for the time of my appointment I said 1:40 he said ok come in. I put my belongings in a tray. Then they ran a medal detector search, I took my documents to the counter he put them in a plastic/zip block bag. Then another guy typed my case number and passport in computer system. Then he said go to window 6. I sat down, lady asked to read to myself saying I must say the truth. She verified my name, she took a picture of me. You must have your hair away from your face and ears, I wore mine up. She asked for me to use hand sanitizer. She then took a scan of my fingerprints. She confirmed which dhl office I wanted to pick my visa I confirmed Lopez Mateos here in Juarez it's the closest one. She said okay your visa if approved should be here in 3-5 business days. She said please be here tomorrow 30 minutes before your interview. She gave me back my papers and I saw she put a label sticker in my ds260 where it's said when I went to Biometrcis and my interview date and time. I waited for Maggie she had her's at 3:00 but hey let her in at 2:45. She came out and we decided to walk to the hotel with my husband.

    We came to hotel to drop our documents and we decided to walk to s-mart store, we bought some groceries pretty cheap about $12 U.S. Dollars, Maggie got some food too. I tipped the man who got our groceries about $50 pesos $3.84 U.S dollars. We came back walking to hotel and decided to come to our rooms to relax. I got hungry and decided to order room service, I got the chicken fajitas came with beans, corn tortillas and lettuce, tomatoes and salsa verde. They took 20 minutes to bring it to my room. The total was $100 pesos is $7.69 U.S. Dollars I gave the chef $5.31 tip in US dollars. The food was very good and great portion.

    VISA INTERVIEW - April 3, 2014 (Thursday)

    My alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. I decided to shower and get ready. I checked my documents one last time, me and my husband said a prayer and decided to head down to the lobby at 6 am to meet maggie. Breakfast was open I only had a donut, banana, and some water. We took the 6:30 am shuttle to the consulate. We got to the sala de espera, a guard there asked what time was our appointment we said 8:15 he said okay come in but wait in the back. We went by the back there was a lot of people sitting in the chairs so we had to stand up (the people sitting were the ones accompanying their spouses, which made things more crowded. People came after us and they had to stand in front of us since it was so crowded. When a a lady said all those of you with 8:15 appointments stand in line and the people who came after us of course walked super fast and were ahead of us. So my advice to you is stand near the bathroom because that's where the line will be so stand near there so when they mention your appointment time you can get there faster.

    They called one by one to a counter and you had to show them your passport, visa interview letter and ds260 confirmation. Then they asked what type of visa I said resident and they stamped my visa interview letter with the. Number 000170, told me to go to the right section. I sat down next to Maggie and a guard would ask who has 8:15 appointment and he would ask for numbers for example 000130 through 00060 and you had to line up in that order so people would look at each other's number to line up. They then verified our numbers in order and sent us to walk to the consulate. We got there (next to a window section where it says window a and window b but you don't go in that line, the one next to it) then a guard looks at your documents with the stamped numbers and lets you in. You go through a security check, you put your belongings in a tray and go through a metal detector machine. Then you get your belongings from your tray and you give your documents to a guard and they print a number mine was 1421 they tell you go to sala espera #2. So me and Maggie walked a bit further down.

    I entered the building number 2 and a guard said sit here (the system computer crashed so we didn't go by number we went one by one) he told me go to window 45 and Maggie to 46. I went to my window and a lady there asked for my passport, ds260, visa interview. She confirmed my name, address and husbands name. She asked for my passport pictures, birth certificate, medical results, husbands birth certificate, marriage certificate, AOS form, hubby's paycheck stubs, 2013 irs transcripts. She said okay walk to the end take a left and sit on the green chairs. I looked for the green chairs sat for 3 minutes then guard said green chairs so I and other people got up a formed a line where they told us. Maggie got sent to the black chairs, and she had to wait a while. I asked one of the people working there what was the difference between the green and black chairs she said nothing it's just the way they get your expedites. (Hhmmmm whatever that means, I tried to calm Maggie from a far cause she was freaking out, I told her your fine). Then they sent me to window 72 for my interview!!! I stated getting nervous.

    I got there and it was a young Mexican Man, he was eating his yogurt and said hola buenos Dias. I said hi and smiled. He said can I have your ticked the 1421. I gave it to him and said wait just a minute let me get your case files, all in Spanish. He then said im sorry my computer is slow today, I said it's okay. He then said okay how do you want your interview in English or Spanish? I said English please. He said ok raise your right hand and do you swear to tell the truth etc? I said I do, he took a Scan of my right 4 fingers, had to do it twice since system crashed he then asked the following questions:

    Who is petitioning you? My husband ***********
    Is this your first and only marriage? Yes
    Is this his first and only marriage? Yes
    When did you get married? September 26, 2009
    Do you have kids? Not yet
    When did you leave the U.S? This Sunday, March 30
    When did you cross the U.S? August 1994
    How did you cross? I don't know I was six years old
    Did your parents cross with you? I don't know
    Did they pay a coyote? I don't know
    He said your parents never told you? No I never asked
    He said ok you were young to remember.

    He said can I see your approval of your waiver I gave it to him. He went through my documents really fast and then started typing on the computer and He then said "ugh" he said don't worry everything is alright and smiled he said im sorry my computer is slow. I smiled and said it's okay, he reached for the green paper and white pamphlet and I knew I was approved!!! He waited til computer was back up and running he slides my green paper and white pamphlet and then said congratulations your visa has been approved! Are you going to pick up your passport here in juarez I said yes. He said it should be here 3-5 business days but it can be her tomorrow it's faster here. I said ok, he said have a nice day and smiled. I said thank you, God Bless you. I started walking out I tried looking for maggie but couldn't find her. I tried to wait for her but the guard said I couldn't so I exited. I saw my husband and smiled and he knew! He picked me up and gave me a big hug and was so happy. He said finally we are done, our lives are going to change. I would say my interview was less than 8 minutes I was out by 9:30 am. So it was pretty fast. We waited for Maggie for about an hour and she finally came out and I saw her smile! I was so happy and we hugged and we all walked back to our hotel. I forgot to ask for my birth certificate and waiver approval back. Oh well I was too excited lol.

    We got to the hotel to relax and share our news with our families, me and Maggie took the shuttle to the mall to go eat at El Fongocito, I tipped the driver $5 U.S. Dollars. We ordered food and talked. My husband then came with his two cousins who cam from Texas and New Mexico. We drove to El Mercado about 20 minutes away I bought $40 US dollars worh of mexican candy, it was 3 huge bags so much candy. Then Bought some souvenirs for my family. We went to a mall called Gallerias walked around then she dropped us to hotel and we did our laundry.

    Around 8:30 pm more of his family from New Mexico came and they took us to a park called Parque Borunda about 20 minutes away. Had 2 enchiladas, 1 elote for like $2 US dollars. My husband had 2 bacon wrapped mexican hot dogs, 4 tacos de tripas for about $7 US dollars. We walked about, they had rides. It was very safe, lots of police and guards. We got to our hotel around 10:00 pm. Very tiring but exciting day!

    WAITING FOR WAYBILL - April 4, 2014 (Friday)

    This morning we headed down to the lobby for breakfast and met Maggie up there, food was delicious as always. We headed back to our rooms to pack up as I was confident my waybill would get here today to pick up my passport with stamped temporary visa. I must of checked every 20 minutes, I am now so ready to go home! Well check out was at noon today and since I was confident my waybill would appear at 2 we decided not to add another night. The receptionist gave us an extension Til 1 pm So I put my luggage in Maggie's room and decided to wait. Yup I was really confident it was coming today.

    We got hungry so hubby and I went across the street to the food post to buy some food. It's called El Mandil Sonorense, we ordered 2 tortas, 4 tostadas and 3 sodas. Total was $182 pesos about $14 US dollars. Was very good. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 o'clock passed and I realized it was not going to be today. So around 5:30 we went to the lobby to pay for the night. We got a new room on the third floor because we wanted to be able to open our windows all the way. Our previous room was on the first floor and the windows only opened a few inches must be security reasons.

    Well Maggie told me her waybill was now in transit. I kept checking mine and nothing. I started to get really sad. I prayed, and I couldn't take it anymore, I cried. It's just so stressful, from the whole trip this was the hardest part. I just want to go home so bad now. I don't wanna be stuck here through the weekend. I know I should be grateful that I can go back but the waiting sucks. I can go back now but I can't because I don't have my visa. It's a horrible feeling! Trying to be patient but this right here was the hardest for me. My husband told me don't worry God knows why. That's gives me peace. Well I guess I will see what tomorrow brings.

    STILL WAITING - April 5, 2014 (Saturday)

    This morning I got up and kept checking the website to see if a way number would appear and nothing. So I met Maggie in the dinning room to have breakfeast. They had nopales con carne en chile and the regulars, very good. The cook ladies here are azaming. Maggie checked her case and the dhl had her package! I was so happy for her, I checked mine and still nothing. So I decided to go with her to the dhl office (by the way the closest one to the consulate area and La Quinta hotel is in the Lopez Mateos). We got there but I couldn't go in, you have to have a waybill number in order for them to let you in, the hotel receptionist can print if for you when you give them the waybill number. Maggie came out with her package, and passport it had her visa!!! I was soo happy for her!!!

    The shuttle brought us back to the hotel and Maggie packed up her stuff and ordered a taxi and booked her flight. I helped her get into her taxi. We hugged, said our goodbyes, got teary and we were so happy to have met. It was soo hard saying good bye to her. We thanked each other, promised that we would get together soon. We have made a strong friendship, I know that we are always going to keep in touch. It was so awesome to have had shared this experience with her, we truly bonded. I can't wait til we can get together again! Im so happy for her she finally can go back to her family. Thanks Maggie for everything girl!!! Im going to miss our mornings having Breakfast and going out to eat! I enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you. You made everything here less stressful and so much fun. May God always bless you and your family.

    So I booked the hotel for another two nights $119.50 US dollar. It's sad for me but I know God knows why. All I can do is wait more and make the best of it. We decided to lounge around the pool area and walk in the parking lot, looks like there is more people stuck here for the weekend too. We went across the street to one of our normal food stops. We got a torta and drink each. I think we paid around $8-10 US dollars. Came back to our room watched some tv and took a long nap. That nap did us soo good, were in high spirits again. Started getting hungry so we ordered room service: a bacon cheeseburger, Azteca soup and two soda drinks. Total $190 pesos about 14.ish US dollars. Food was good. Maggie has been texting me about her crossing to the U.S. on the Zaragoza bridge and getting home. Glad she's back home! Well were calling it a night, tv and just relax. It's been a bit windy these past days tomorrow is suppose to be hotter, I hope so.

    MORE WAITING - April 6, 2014 (Sunday)

    Wow what a dream I had lol. I dreamed I finally got my passport but that Juarez got raided and weren't letting anybody out lol. My luck even in my dreams lol. My hubby thought it was hilarious, it's my nerves lol. Well breakfast was amazing like always, the new dish was some type of soup with potatoes, roasted green pepper and onions, a bit spicy with butter flavored. Was soo good, I brought back a yogurt, apple and banana back to my room in case I wanna snack in the day. I usually bring something back everyday lol.

    We decided to try a new place to eat so we went walking to Taco In, not far. Like a 2 minute walk towards S-Mart store. We ordered a bistec parillada for two. It came with lots of tortillas, we got frijoles charros, a soda for $190 pesos about $14.73 US dollars. They have a salsa bar when you can get different toppings. It was really good and both me and my hubby were full. We came back to the hotel longed around the pool area catching some sun then jumped in the jacuzzi. Came back to freshen up and my hubby got hungry for a snack lol. We went walking to S-mart and bought some donuts and half a gallon of chocolate milk for $74.83 pesos about $5.75 US dollars. We tipped the guy who bags our groceries we usually always tip $5 US dollars. Came back and just watched tv. I hope tomorrow I hear news about my packet, we are now at 8 days of being in Juarez. We're starting to feel we live here lol.

    EVEN MORE WAITING - April 7, 2014 (Monday)

    I have to say for the first time I woke up well rested, I have never woken past 6:30 am. I checked the website to see if I had a waybill number and still nothing. We headed down to breakfast and decided to do laundry. You go to the reception and ask them you like to buy coins to wash and dry we paid $70 pesos about $5.38 US dollars total to wash and dry 1 load. They give you a small container of detergent and softener. We decided to pack up since today is our check out. We are planning to to wait til 5 pm in the lobby hopefully we get our waybill number and its delivered, if not then we will unfortunately will be checking in another night.

    They were nice to give us an extension til 1 pm, they even put our luggage in a locked room so we could go to eat or hang out by the pool with out having to struggle with our luggage. We decided to go get burritos across the street. For 5 burritos and 1 drink was $87 pesos about $6.69 US dollars.
    Came back sat in the lobby talking to other guests about their cases, hubby out by the pool.

    Around 5 pm we checked in again were around $480 ish in hotel expenses now. We got the same room, decided to order room service and eat in the dinning room. My hubby had a bacon cheeseburger and 1 order of flautas, was very good. Total was $180 pesos about $13.84 US dollars. We tipped the chef $5 US dollars. Decided to then go in the jacuzzi, every night there are about 5 couples who gather together and just talk and laugh. It's nice to spend time with these people it makes your days seem much better. Well tonight I checked as usual the website on the but still nothing. But when I check the ceac website it's says that my visa has been issued and printed and should be picked up and sent to the dhl I chose. I hope I get it tomorrow, my inlaws drive for Colorado to El Paso and staying with family, tomorrow their driving down here to check in on us. I hope I can get it so we can cross with them and not have to hire service, that would be wonderful.

    AND STILL WAITING - April 8, 2014 (Tuesday)

    Woke up earlier since there are two couples here at La Quinta who had interviews, my hubby and I decided to go with them for support. We got there and everything went good. The both couples were approved, thank God! While we were waiting I met a lady there who said she also was part of this forum and her hubby was inside for his interview. I think she said her username was famotero, we started talking an we realized we were members of the forum lol she recognized my username and said I had answered a question she once asked, how cool is that?! Well we left before her hubby came out but I have a feeling he was approved!!!! Congrats!!!!

    After the spouses came out we went to celebrate to Applebee's! We had such a great time and were so happy that we were all approved. I couldn't believe they had a mexican food on the menu lol. I had chilaquiles con salsa verde and my hubby chorizo con huevos. They had a special were you get two for one so we ended paying like $12 US dollars. We came back to the hotel and one couple packed up and left to Zacatecas their going to wait for their visa down there. I decided to add another night. We are now at $530.00 US dollars just in hotel fees!

    My hubby's parents drove from Colorado since they wanted to keep us compnay. They got here and we sat in the dinning room and chated for a bit. They took us to show us where they used to live in Juarez (about 30 mins away), the schools they went to, where they worked and the church they got married. It was so nice and their visit did my hubby so good, me as well. They took us out to eat to some restaurant called Chava's in their old neighborhood, we ordered 2 shrimp soup, spicy shrimp with rice and veggies, 3 avocado tostadas and refreshments for $24 US dollars. We came back to the hotel and they drove to El Paso to stay with family. Well tomorrow I am going to biometrics to ask about my visa, hopefully! Oh before I forget I met a couple here I am so worried for them. They have their interview on Thursday, they have no taxes, passport pictures, or AOS form, or identity proof of their joint-sponsor. Their lawyer submitted everything electronically of course but they have none of these papers here on hand. That their lawyers kept those papers!? Their lawyer did not prepare them. Makes me so upset with those types of lawyers. They are rushing to get everything in such a short deadline. I tried helping them as much as I can but only time will tell. To those coming please try to have all paperwork ready one little mistake or missed document can delay your process.

    PORT OF ENTRY - April 9, 2014

    So this morning as usual I checked the usvisa website and still showed no information at this time. I checked the ceac website and it said my passport was printed and was issued. I got a message from famotero telling me there was a man in her hotel with the same situation in her hotel and that he went to the biometrics and they told him his packet was ready. So hubby and I went to the biometrics office. I got there told the guard I wanted to ask the status of my visa and he let me in. The lady behind the window told me to come back in an hour. Came back and she said here is your waybill number it's been ready at the dhl since Monday! So we hired a taxi and went straight to the dhl office and I got my packet, thank God! I paid the immigrant fee and booked our tickets. I was curious to check the usvisa website and it still had no waybill number it just said no information. Ridiculous!!! So my hubby's cousin who lives in New Mexico came got us and we headed to the Paso del Norte Bridge (closest to my hubby's cousins home) we got inside this building so I can hand in my packet. There was about three rows of people waiting sitting down. I started getting worried because everyone there were people trying to get permits or renew their permits to enter the U.S.

    I was there for about 2 1/2 hours, they only had 2 officers working. It seemed they took for ever. I was the only one to turn in my packet. When it was my turn I went up to the window told the officer im here to turn in my visa packet. She said slide it across the window slide, gave her my passport and asked me to sit back down. In 3 minutes she called me back into another room I had to sign my signature twice, she took my right index finger print. I signed my new marriage name so I can get my resident card in that name. She then took me back in the waiting area I waited for 4 minutes and she stamped my passport and said it was valid for 1 year, then my green card would arrive. She said, welcome to the United States you may work, go to school here. Good luck have a nice day. I then went with my hubby to go pass border patrol inspection he went in the U.S. Citizens line and I in the Non U.S. Citizens. The agent scanned my passport through and said oh wow you just got it, he was impressed with my English lol, asked me where are you planing to live I said Wisconsin. He said alright welcome have a good day. And that was it! I waited more in line to turn in my packet after that I was all done in like 10 minutes.

    It was an amazing feeling, finally! Thank God that I had this opportunity and for my husband in being that blessing. He has been my rock and biggest supporter. He was suppose to be back at work on Monday but he didn't want to leave me. Im glad his work has been so understanding in these past days! This whole process has brought us much closer, and has put our marriage to the test. But together and trusting in God we know can benefit this beautiful blessing. Our lives are no longer on hold. We can now work on starting a family soon! God has been so faithful on this journey, we appreciate our lives, marriage and opportunities that much more!


    By far security there was very safe, I highly recommend La Quinta Hotel wonderful people and service if I had to do it all over again I choose them in a heart beat. Wonderful employees, and leave your rooms very clean and your stuff in order so don't worry about theft. If their shuttle service is busy they call a taxi for you and taxi drivers need to get down and check with hotel who they are and who their taking. When my husbands cousin came to visit us they asked her name and who she was to us, they really provide the best security! Also, our shuttle service Mr. Cordova was amazing so professional. These are the expenses we had for this trip: These are in US dollars, we were in Mexico for 11 days.

    Airplane tickets $1,352
    Hotel $534.85
    Shuttle service from El Paso to Juarez $60
    Medical $306.40
    Food $186.07
    Laundry $10.76
    International Fees $21.52
    Immigrant Fee $165

    Grand total $2,471.60

    *We tipped every time we went out to eat, the shuttle driver. Im thinking maybe around $50.
    My Journey So far...
    I-130 sent on 12/03/2012
    Approved 03/12/2013
    I-601A sent on 09/14/2013
    Biometrics on 10/11/2013
    Approved 01/09/2014
    NVC closes case on 03/03/2014
    Visa Interview 04/03/2014 Approved!!!
    Port of Entry 04/09/2014
    Received SS Card 04/21/2014
    Received Green Card 05/16/2014
    No Lawyer, Self- Filled.

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    Our Journey to CDJ Chihuahua

    My husband and I wanted to share with everyone on this site our experience to CDJ. We both appreciate the input from this website. We have decided to give you some details from our experience. BTW his VISA was APPROVED

    Cleveland to CDJ- April 9, 2014 (Wednesday)
    We had a friend of our lawyer pick us up at the El Paso Airport. We decided to go this route because she crosses everyday with her family and does not get stopped because they recognize her. While crossing over the Mexican border we proceeded through without being stopped or questioned. She continued on and took us to our hotel.
    We chose to stay at the City Junior Hotel. For the money it was not a bad place. It was very clean and had a decent breakfast. Nothing fancy but very cheap and an awesome location directly across the street from the US consulate.

    Medical Appointment- April 10, 2014 (Thursday)
    We chose the Medical De Visas because you can make an appointment and not have to wake up super early and wait at all. Our appointment was at 9am. The only issue being we had a difficult time finding the place. However, it is literally located behind the Holiday Inn. Also, you can have them pick you up and drop you off at your hotel if you don't feel comfortable walking. Honestly, everyone in the entire place was super nice from the security guards to the doctors (everyone inside was amazing).
    They took most of his shot records and checked his medication list. He ended up having 2 shots the Varicella and the MMR again. The total for the appointment and 2 shots was $320 USD.
    Instead of having to come back for results we waited 20 mins and they handed the results to him. This was an awesome place. I can't stress this enough to you. I can't tell you how the other clinics compare. The clinic also took us back to the hotel.
    Overall it took a little over an hour and a half that included waiting for the results. Everything went very smoothly at Medical De Visas.

    Biometrics- April 11, 2014 (Friday)
    Husband had his appointment at 13:00. We decided to drop by 30 minutes early they let him in and he was out by 13:00.

    Saturday and Sunday (4/12 and 4/13)
    We visited with his family to try to keep him busy. We honestly didn't spend much time in the hotel because his family was extremely hospitable. This was the first time he saw his aunts, uncles, cousins in 14 years. He also had a surprise visit from his Grandfather. This was a very a very special time for him.

    Interview Day- 4/14/14 (Monday)
    Appointment was scheduled for 7:15am. We arrived around 6:40am at the Sala de Espera. First he handed in his DS-260,passport and appointment letter. Then they sent him to sit in the chairs in the front of the waiting room. He waited about until about 7:20am then they took him to the consulate.
    He went through security and they scanned his belongings ( he said don't bring anything just the paperwork for your process or if you owe them money). After security they sent him to Sala de Espera #2 ( he said you can see the signs on the building). Once, he arrived they told him to take a seat and remove all of your paperwork from his folder (except for copies). Once he had his paperwork out they sent him to a window. They asked him for his AOS, passport photos, ds260 and interview letter. Then they asked for his current address, who is petitioning him and verified DHL location if the VISA was approved. At this point they gave him a number and asked him to sit down and wait in the black chairs.
    He continued to sit at the back chairs in a line for 5 or 6 minutes then they told him to stand up behind these people until it was his turn. The guy who interviewed him was a white guy in his early 30's. He was a very nice man who spoke Spanish well.
    He asked him:
    -His name
    - Who petitioned you? - my wife XXXXX
    -Do you have tattoos - No
    -When did you cross??- September 2005
    -Do you have children- Yes, 3 (he told the guy we have twins and he was like, "goodluck")
    -Did you cross from the desert? -Yes
    -Did you pay coyote?? No, my uncle did ( he also asked if his uncle has a visa in USA and he doesn't)
    -He asked if this was my 1st marriage and his: he said yes
    -problems with immigration or police? no just some traffic tickets and he told him not to worry
    - when did you arrive to Mexico? April 9, 2014
    -Who did you cross with and if he knew the people he crossed with? He said a group of people and no

    He continued to type stuff into the computer and he didn't ask for his waiver. he only asked for his birth certificate, my taxes 2012 and 2013 and our marriage license.
    he said hold on I'm getting more information.. He said everything is ok and picked up a green paper and said, "congratulations your visa has been approved".

    He walked back in the Sala de Espera around 8:30 with his APPROVAL

    Waiting on Waybill number- April 15,2014 (Tuesday)
    We kept looking constantly on this day on the website and nothing. Then later in the afternoon we looked on the CEAC website and showed his VISA was issued. Shortly after a waybill number appeared on the US Visa website. Our visa was at the Lopez Mateos location around 6pm but the place was already closed.

    Picking up VISA at DHL - April 16,2014 (Wednesday)
    We picked up the VISA thank goodness because the DHL along with the US consulate was closed on Thursday and Friday this week.

    Port of Entry - April 17, 2014 (Thursday)
    We decided to save a little cash and have the hotel shuttle take us to the US border. We crossed over the Zaragosa Bridge. Luckily, it wasn't super busy. We waited in line a little bit and they sent him to the office to hand in his sealed package from the US consulate. They took his papers and told him to sit down and wait. He waited about 5 minutes they called his name and stamped his VISA. Before your 2 year green card expires please renew 90 days before it expires.
    Just a random note if you decide to bring alcohol back in TEXAS you have to pay a state tax. They are pretty intense about it too. If you cross through Cali, Arizona and other states this is not an issue.

    Random info:
    - In the paperwork we received from the US consulate it did tell us to pay the US immigrant fee for the green card before we left Mexico $165.00.
    - We ate great food at Barrigas next to the Holiday inn and El Fogonsito across from City Junior, taco tote in the mall was good too ( we had parrillada for 2).

    If you guys have any specific questions please ask. Again we appreciate all of you writing about your experiences on here.

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