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Forum Rules
General Rules

The Rules

General Rules
- Do not type in all caps. If you have a visual impairment, please let one of the staff members know.
- Do not use profanity.
- Talking and discussing things are fine. There comes a point where you must agree to disagree. We will not tolerate rude comments, insults, or inflammatory posts. Incessant debates have no place on the forum. The Mod Team will determine when the discussion is no longer productive for the community and will close it.
- Do not post any negative comments about organizations or people. You can vent about situations in a non specific, non naming way.
- You are only allowed one account per person. Any violation of this will result in getting permanently banned. If you have forgotten your old username, contact us and we will be able to get that information to you. (This applies only to account created on or after June 2007, all accounts before then were lost).
- Encouraging illegal activity is prohibited. This includes lying to the government, omitting information on government forms, and giving advice on how to do something illegally.
- The fastest way is to post a message. PMing members will usually yield a slower response.
- Pay close attention to the forum you are posting in. Some forums are not made for questions, such as timeline forums, the announcement forums.
- Do not start the same thread in several forums.
- If you are affiliated with any advocacy organizations, please contact one of the moderation staff before posting any information (This includes being a member of an organization)..
- Soliciting donations for any reason is not allowed.
- We do not encourage you to use your real names or email addresses as your username.
- Please make sure that when posting message, you leave all personal information out. Case numbers, ssn number, names, phone numbers. You never know who is out there.
- We do not delete accounts or posts. Be aware that anything you post will be on the internet forever. Take the time to think about that fact. We will NOT delete posts/threads because you posted out of impulse/anger/anguish/.

- Please do not remote link any of your pictures for you signature, posts, avatars or smilies unless you have the specific permission from that website (like photobucket).
- Hotlinked images will be removed with a note from the admin that it was removed. The admins may or may not also pm you about this. This sounds impersonal but the admins currently do not have the time to pm everyone about things like this.
- Do not use inappropriate images. How appropriate an image is will be at the sole discretion of the admins.
- If we ask you to remove an image that we deem inappropriate, we will ask you to remove it. Failure to remove it will lead in a warning and we will manually remove it.

- Please do not use huge fonts in your signature.
- No advertising is allowed in signatures unless approved by staff.
- If you belong to an advocacy group, you are not allowed to link that group in your signature. You may put "I support ABC" and link there like that. You may NOT put "Support ABC by XYZ".
- Please put your own personal website in your profile. People can access that by clicking on your name and choosing to visit your site from the ensuing drop down menu.
- If your signature is too long, a member of the Mod Team will contact you. If you do not change your signature, it will be deleted.
- Do not use multiple tickers in your signature unless you can keep them on the same line. Mini tickers are great for this.
- If your timeline is long, please post in one of the timeline forums and link it in your signature. (Preferably, your timeline would be linked at all times).
- If you post pictures in your signature, please only post 1 picture and do not post pictures in conjunction with tickers and timelines.

Private Messaging
- Harassment, advertising, spamming will not be tolerated on the forum or in messages sent to members. If you receive a pm where you are attacked, you can report that and a copy of that message will be emailed to the moderators. You can also pm any of the mods.
- Spammers will be banned immediately. We have a zero tolerance for spammers.
- Do not use the private message system to make inappropriate comments, remarks to members. This is considered harassment.
- In order to stay safe, be very careful who you share your personal information with.
- Keep in mind that when you write a private message or email and send it, the recipient of the email, private message becomes the owner of the email/private message. You still retain the copyright.

- Any complains by members should be addressed to any of the administrators or moderators.
- Remember that we have the report button to report posts. Once you report a post, an email is sent to all moderators and administrators of the site and we will handle it as we see fit and get back with the person who reported the post. Please do not reply to these posts. Just report it and let us handle it.
- If there is a dispute/argument on the site and someone decides to leave the site, please do not start a thread saying that you are leaving because of ABC. Threads of this nature are never beneficial to the site and will be closed.
- If you have a complaint about a Moderator, you can speak to a Super Moderator or an Admin. If you have a complaint about a Super Moderator, please talk to one of the Admins.
- The last statement holds true for Moderator actions. Please contact a member of the Mod Team with any concerns.

Things you need to know
- Any violation of the rules will result in a warning first. If the rules are still ignored, you will be banned for 24 hours. Repeat offenses will lead to a weekly ban and then a permanent ban.
- The first amendment right of free speech does not apply to private entities and as such, we reserve the right to edit posts, delete posts and ban users as needed. This is a moderated forum.
- We will not sell, redistribute your names or email with anyone unless required to do so by law. If a member is engaging in illegal activities, we will fully cooperate with the authorities as far as giving them all the information we have on you, including but not limited to name, email, ip addresses.
- If you truly want things to remain private to the point where no one will ever read it, don't post it on the internet.
- The moderation staff and all the very knowledgeable users who help regularly are volunteers on the site. The only monies we have are from donations.
- The moderators are NOT here to answer questions. A lot of them are very knowledgeable and will answer questions they are familiar with but they are not required to answer questions.

Here are the standard deletion reasons you may find on the forum.
You can appeal a decision to another mod or an admin.
- Duplicate: duplicate thread/post
- Under Review: under review by mods. Final decision to come.
- Timelines only: comments/questions in timeline threads
- Not allowed: anything not allowed per forum rules (soliciting, promoting illegal activities, etc)
- Rude/Unnecessary: anything that is rude/unnecessary, argumentative, leading/continuing arguments etc
- Off Topic: anything that is completely random and just doesn't seem to fit.
- Removing personal information: this is removing any information that could help someone identify you (case numbers, real names, address, etc...)

It is YOUR responsibility to keep up with the Announcement section of the website. If I update the site rules, I will put an announcement about it. If we have issues (like the signatures), I'll make an announcement.

Any excuse of "I did not know" will not fly when it's spelled out in the announcement section and the rules.

There is a list of lawyers that members from this site recommend. This site is in no way affiliated with any lawyers, lawyers groups etc. If you are a lawyer and would like to hold weekly chats, please contact us by using the "Contact Us" link. To see what these chats entail, please visit the Chat Log forum and look at what others have done.

Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice. We are not attorneys and this forum should not be a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Many attorneys provide consults for a low fee and some will even provide a free consult.

Our forum would not be what is is without the wonderful people who give their time and knowledge to the site. The Mod Team cannot express enough how much we appreciate you guys and all you bring to the site. Without you, the site would not be what it is.

We reserve the right to add to these rules at any time.

We also reserve the right to deny access to the website to anyone for any reason.

Rules updated March 18th, 2010.
You must wait 5 minutes before accepting the rules. The submit button will appear after 5 minutes. If the button does not appear after 5 minutes (there is a countdown that should be visible), use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.

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