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  1. Things are great and back to normal. My husband was gone 6 weeks, which seemed an eternity. I piled up bills like crazy, so we're slowly going to work on paying those off. My baby is excited to see her papi again and she's spends time with him and enjoys when he plays with her. You can tell she really missed him, too. I wish you luck and hopefully you'll get your husband home too.
  2. I was hoping you would post more about hows it going since hubby back home.Im so happy for you.How long has he been gone?
  3. WEll try to group everything together. Do all your medical conditions first, then try grouping you education, next I would put any financial hardships, then personal (your parents illnesses) and last safety in Mexico. You have to explain why you would suffer having for example your 25 degree curve in you back and how...try retyping up your HSL then post it again, I will take a look at it and see what can make it stronger. hopes this helps.
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    I am sending you this because I saw that you said that you put your families' healthe concerns in your HSL. My mom battles cancer last year and has COPD which makes her rely on oxygen 24-7. I live in Texas and she lives in Ohio. How can I include her issues in my case to help with the waiver? My father also has a stint in his heart, also in Ohio. Should I include this stuff and what will I need to make it relate to the case????
    Also, I have looked over so many HSL and still feel so unsure about how to start it. Do you have any advice? I wrote one before really looking on this site at other letters and my letter is TERRIBLE! It did not include evidence or anything!!! I think I know what it needs now but just can not get started.
    Here are a few of my issues that I want to argue as a hardship:
    1. I am an elementary teacher. I teach at a high risk school with high proverty. (STRESS and EDUCATION and CAREER)
    2. I have two children that are adopted (I adopted them at birth single before meeting my husband). He wants to adopt them but it is impossible with him being in Mexico. (He's been gone since last OCT.) They were born exposed to drugs and the only my husband as thier father. (They are 6 and 7) We have been married for almost five years.
    3. We have a 7 month old daughter. I had the worst pregnancy!
    4. I have a 25 degree curve in my back. I went to the doctors and got a diagnosis of this. I also have visited th chiropractor for this. (Painful carrying a 20 pound baby!) Also, taking out the garbage and grocery shopping is not fun!
    5. I really want to add my parents in the letter as well. What argument will be successful using their health???
    I am so lost! What websites should I site????
    Any suggestions would be great!
    I posted my HSL here somewhere before but I can not find it on here. No one really replied to my HSL because it had sooooo much work that needed to be done. Like I said it had no evidence or real hardship BUT I think I do have hardship but I am having a hard time making it sound NEEDED and approvable?
    I have a lawyer. She is all the way in Ohio but I do email and talk with her but honestly, I think it would be better for me to write it than send it to her for suggestions.
    *I sent my I-130 in August 2004 and it was lost and all kinds of stuff. The congressman here finally found out that it was lost and it was FINALLY approved in Sept of this year!!!
    Crazy! I am so sick of this stuff.
    My husband voluntarly departed last year. He had a previous deportation in 1999 (I believe it was catch and release because he was caught at the border. He was in the country illegally for more than five years! Will he be eligible for the waiver???? He did voluntarly depart (does that count as a deportation?)
    Please help, I am desperate and lonely and tired!!!!!!
    Thanks for your time.
  5. Thats great to hear!Glory be to God! I trust that God will soon be sending my husband home also!I bet you are very happy!Keep in touch.Karen
  6. Hi Karen,
    I'm sorry to hear what you're going through, God finally heard my prayers, I brought my hubby home Friday. More details later I got to get back to work.
  7. Hi,How are you doing? I found out that my husband wont be able to come back until July or August now...I dont know what Im going to do.I was going to go there in Feb and stay with him but Im not sure yet.I have so many bills that I need to pay here and I just started a new job.We just have to be patient I guess.All of this is so depressing at times and I feel like Im going to go crazy.How about you?How are you doing? Keep in touch and take care...Karen
  8. Thank you so much for your words and support. They mean a lot to me. That is what I love about this forum. Once again thank you.
  9. I know how you feel.You must be patient and trust in God.He will bring him back home to you.Just have faith and keep praying and prasing him.I know it hurts alot to be without our spouses.I havet seen mine since May and I dont have the money right now to go be with him other there.Keep your head up and put all your trust in God...
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