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  1. Opening a Case with USCIS

    Quote Originally Posted by elmo120790 View Post

    - An RFE (Request For Evidence) occurs when the information submitted with your I-821D Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is incomplete. Please know that an RFE is not an official acceptance or denial, but simply a request for more information before a final decision is made.

    - A DACA application is submitted usually with I-821D, I-765, and I-765WS. You receive two receipt numbers, and the only one that will have a notice for an
  2. TH Senate's Challlenge! Let's do it!

    Quote Originally Posted by TamHam View Post
    I just challenged myself and sent all 3, both Senators and my Rep to the House, messages about CIR in 7 minutes. I had to look up my +4 zip code for my Rep, which slowed me down. Maybe you can do it in 5 minutes!!!! google US House of Representatives, google US Senate. VERY VERY EASY!!!!
    It only takes a few minutes, you could cut and paste what I told them which was this, make changes obviously to fit your story.

    Please protect section 2314 and 2315 in
  3. Important Tips for 6B Families and after the 5 year Process from EE

    I want to throw out a word of advice for people whose interview would be over a year old by the time you get the waiver approved (especially "ban"ers):

    -As SOON as you find out your approved -

    ***Go on ustraveldocs website, create an account, and schedule an INTERVIEW - 1st thing you should do!
    ... ***Schedule your follow-up medical!! 2nd thing you should immediately do.
    ***get all your other docs together and wait to hand them in at said interview.

  4. LS- Chat Log 05/22/2013-- Very important info regarding PW Adjudicators and Waivers

    laurel: A lot has happened since the last time we chatted! Let me give some highlights.

    laurel: On Thursday, May 9 I toured the National Records Center in Lee's Summit, MO. That's where your FOIA requests go to. It's where all the files are kept. On Friday, May 10 I attended a tour and meeting at the National Benefits Center, also in Lee's Summit, MO. That's where Provisional Waiver applications are adjudicated. Both of these tours/meetings were set up by the American Immigration Lawyers ...

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  5. Beastfest 2013.1

    Quote Originally Posted by Setly View Post
    BEAST FEST WARNING:I have to reiterate the immigration process it's beyond broken and worse than an onion with so many layers and layers of stinkiness... My husband's medical records finally made it to the Embassy yesterday. Since that was the only requirement we were waiting on and I knew Zelaya had everything already, we called in the beginning of May to make his 2nd visa appointment and we were given JULY 12TH!! two plus months away... Well I gotta tell you my hubby got a call from the Embassy
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