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Thread: what happens after i-130 approval?

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    what happens after i-130 approval?

    I am so glad i found this site. its very helpful to find so many people going through the same. i am still in the beginning process and as i have tons of questions i will like to ask a few. here's my timeline

    - met husband in Mex 02 -began dating
    - he entered (EWI) in 05 was not caught
    - got engaged 2008
    - left back to Mexico Dec 08 -- to see his family (mom, dad sisters)
    has been there ever since (has not intended to come back as we decided to begin his process)
    - we married in Sept 10 - in mexico -civil- i came back to Chicago (i go back and forth)
    - i sent my i-130 and g325a
    - i-130 was received on 2/9/11
    - today i checked his status on USCIS - approved - states they have mailed out the approval on 5/20/11

    --- how long will it take to hear anything again or what should i expect after this?
    --- will i get paperwork (packets) to fill?
    --- is there anything my husband and me will need to be prepared? also, he doesnt have his passport should he get that as soon as possible?
    I am not using a lawyer.
    --- last question , am i able to hire a lawyer 'just' to help me w/ hardship letter and nothing else?
    --- any information or experience would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Congrats on your I-130 approval! Check out the IR-1/CR-1 visa guide in my signature and it will take you through the steps have until the appointment is scheduled. You should hear from the NVC in the next couple of weeks, but I would start calling within a week to give them your e-mail address. Once they have this you may have the opportunity to do everything electronically, which makes things go quickly. He will need to have lots of things ready, like a passport (yes, he'll need one!) and birth certificates (we recommend that he gets 2 - 3 copies).

    As for your last question, yes, you may certainly do this. Be aware that some firms charge as much for a waiver only preparation case as they do for starting at the I-130 stage because they need to do so much background to be sure that they are on top of your case. Not all attorneys act this way though. The main thing is for you to find one that you have confidence will assist you in getting an approval so be sure that you ask lots of questions. Good luck!
    Just getting started? Here are some guides to help you learn more about the process:
    Help! My foreign spouse/fiance is or was illegally present - what do I do?
    EWI, bans, and what you should know BEFORE filing
    Self-Test for Waiver Inadmissability
    What to look for when hiring an attorney

    Other useful guides:
    All About the I-601: Resources for Proving Extreme Hardship
    Guide to Removing Conditions for Conditional Visas (I-751)
    Guide to Select Service
    How to Enlist the Help of Your Elected Officials
    Member Recommended Attorneys

    **Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and am only drawing on personal experience. Please consult with an experienced attorney regarding your case specifics before taking any action.

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    Then it comes the NVC stage that can be very frustrating at times, they asked for RFE at least 3 times, after stating that they needed only one thing, then they changed it to say that it was something else and so on. It will be over someday; thankfully now everything is electronic as TSK mentioned so this lessens the waiting times. We submitted our paperwork on Feb 2011 and they didn't close our case 'til April 21 2011, so my appointment will be June 7th 2011. He will definitely need a valid passport, passport style pictures (in all reality the guy told me that they were Visa style pictures, but this could depend on the place he takes them, just tell them that it has to be 2 in x 2 in or 5cm x 5cm), police records (i got one from the PGJ with picture, stating no criminal records but some people claim that Mexico doesn't need one only if you do have convictions or you have gone to court), birth certificate (get extra copies you'll probably need them), marriage certificate, and you would obviously need to get the forms done, so you might as well go to the IRS office and ask for transcripts for the past 3 years.
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