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Thread: How long after interview does one get visa?

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    How long after interview does one get visa?

    Hi, this is information I seem unable to find. Basically, how long after the interview would one receive the visa package and therefore be ready to travel to the US? Help appreciated, thanks!

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    That depends on where you're processing through. It could be a couple of days or a couple of weeks, depending on which consulate you're interviewing at, what their work volume is at the moment, etc. Rule #1 with immigration - always be prepared for rapid changes!

    Good luck!
    Just getting started? Here are some guides to help you learn more about the process:
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    Self-Test for Waiver Inadmissability
    What to look for when hiring an attorney

    Other useful guides:
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    **Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and am only drawing on personal experience. Please consult with an experienced attorney regarding your case specifics before taking any action.

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    same day to more than one year

    if you are approved in your interview:

    some consulates can issue same day.
    some ask you to pick up next day either at consulate or there designated consulting company.
    some will say they will mail you and then you get it with in week to 10 days.

    but then again you may be subject to aditional security checks or administrative process
    thsi can last from 2 weeks to 2 months in general sometimes can take way tooo long i have heard some cases took year or so . mostly happens for arabic sounding names( yes its unfortunate but happens) or people who might be working or working or have worked in sensitive technology feilds.

    DOS mightrequire clarification from CDC or DHS for possible inadmisabilitys this can add more time.

    well at last there can be waiver process for some ppl which can take 2 weeks in pilot program or 4 months to 1 yr in other.

    so basically it depends on all factors nothing can be conclusive. but in general if everything is fine you will get your visa stamped in same day or can recive by mail in max 10 days.

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