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Thread: banjercito's phone number toll free???

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    Question banjercito's phone number toll free???

    guys i was wanting to know if anybody does the phone number to banjercitos it because im trying to get my permit for my car it cause im going on vacations next month on the 5 but the website is not letting me process my permit online due to me not returning my car or my pick up to the united states!!! I drive my car to work and to go to juarez and my pick up is just on my front porch parked and used only when needed!!! i was wanting to know what do i have to do to get my car permit ASAP!! So please can anybody give me that number so that i can call banjercito first thing in the morning. The website is not helping me at all its giving me a phone number in mexico and it cost to much to call. i would rather have the toll free number anybody??????
    January 24, 2008: first appointent denied

    February 22, 2008: turn in waiver and denied at appointment

    March 05, 2008: Sent more evidence

    March 11, 2008: Called and said that husban's waiver was sent off the last day of february and days counting to approval!!!
    March 10, 2009: Waiver Denied
    March 30, 2009: Requested a 2nd interview after waiver denied!!!
    May 08, 2009: Found out dat i was pregnant
    June 01, 2009: Received appointment letter in the mail.:
    July 7, 2009: Visa Interview
    September 4, 2009: Waiver Appointment BACKLOGGED
    Eversince i have not sent in any extra evidence due to lawyer said that we just had to wait out the time!!!
    June 5, 2010: Got a letter stating that case transferred to Anaihem CA!!!!
    July 5, 2010: Went to the mail and there it was APPROVED as of june 25

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    I never could find an 800 number myself I had to make that long distance call to mexico it's actually a fax all in one it got irritating..if there is one I hope it's posted.

    Gotta watch out with them we came back turned in our permit AT THE PORT OF ENTRY then sent the paperwork they requested via registered mail $30, then 4 months later send me an email wanting all the paper work AGAIN I called them and read thier beads and asked why they want a copy of my passport and title AGAIN??? What exactly are you all doing with this info that has been given to you 3 (THREE) times already I was not nice! I have the faxed copy of all of it and well when I go to get my permit this next year and they deny me there is going to be hell to pay for them!!!! GOOD LUCK!

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    Have you tried emailing them? I've emailed them in the past to ask them questions and they've been pretty good in replying withing 24 hours. One time after I paid for the permit online I realized that I put the wrong date so I emailed them and asked them if they could change the date on the permit before sending it to me. They replied the next day and notified me that they had made the change.

    03/17/09 - Hubby's Waiver Appt

    04/04/09 - SSC arrived
    04/07/09 - GC arrived

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