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Thread: Letter of support for my mother

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    Letter of support for my mother

    Hello. I am new here and I hope you can help me. Please!
    I have to help my mother (LPR) to bring my sister back to US. I sponsored my mother to come to US in 2000. Now she is sponsoring my sister, who was deported last year, after living in US for 19 years. Now I have to write a letter of support for my mother to help my sister with her 601. I am a terrible writer so I am asking for your help.
    Here is a little of that letter:. Can you please comment likes/dislike? Am I in the right direction? I am sure missing a lot of things> never had to do something similar. I want to do a letter with the best result. Thank you!

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I am writing this letter in support of my mother and myself at the same time. My name is xxxxx xxxx (born xxxx), and I reside at the address (NY state). I am a United States Citizen through Naturalization (Certificate ######), sister of Ďmy sisterĎ, a wife of xxxx (Naturalization Certificate # ), and a mother of four United States born kids, ages 13 through 16.
    My mother lived with my sisters all her years, in United States, and still does. My sister supported her 100%, paid all her bills, food, doctors, took care of her as if she was a baby. My mom doesnít speak English at all, canít read canít write, doesnít drive, isnít in good health. Simply can not be left alone, and she is devastated that her daughter isnít there for her. I have a brother who hasnít been working for 3 years, is married and moved with his wife in my sisters house because he was out on the street. Unfortunately he canít support her with anything. My brother doesnít even have a car but drives my sisters, since she left.
    On the other hand, I am not in any better situation to help my mother. As I said I live in a different state and have 4 teenage kids. My husband and I are headed for financial trouble due to the bad economy, and are in no position to take my mother under our roof (she would never move in with us)
    It is frustrating for me, because I want to help my mother but I canít. I donít even know simple basic things about our mother, such as what food she likes/dislikes, what medication and vitamins she takes, , things as what insurance does she use, who her doctor is, where is the doctors office. My sister xxx took care about these things all the time because and we never had to get involved nor to pitch in.

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