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Thread: Messages from Warren Janssen Regarding Pilot Program

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    Messages from Warren Janssen Regarding Pilot Program

    not current 02 01 2012

    I think this was originally posted by Laurel.


    Guys, Warren emailed me back some valuable information. It will answer many of your questions. I'm going to put his statements in quotes and make additional comments.

    "This new pilot program will utilize the InfoPass appointment system. When an immigrant is advised by a CO that s/he is inadmissible and a waiver is available, s/he will be given a notice from USCIS advising them to make an appointment in InfoPass when they are ready to file the I-601. The letter also clearly outlines the need for supporting evidence to meet the applicant's burden to demonstrate "extreme hardship" to their spouse or parent."

    Laurel's Comment: Or child for criminal waiver. Or fiance(e) for K1 applicant. Innocent omission, I think.

    "The applicant is advised to prepare their Extreme Hardship packet evidence, the $265 fee, and the G-325. When they return to the consulate with their I-601, it will be filed with DOS and immediately go to an USCIS officer on site to review."

    Laurel's Comment: Ok, so this resolves the question of whether you'd be going to the CIS office. You will not. You'll go to the consulate and a CIS officer will come over. That doesn't mean you will be ''interviewed'' or that you''ll have the opportunity to ask the CIS officer some questions.

    "If the waiver appears to be readily approveable and is clean with no FBI issues, etc., the waiver is approved on the spot and the applicant is issued the IV in 2-3 days. Those waivers that do not appear to be readily approveable are referred back to our office for additional review and analysis. A final decision will be mailed to the applicant."

    Laurel's Comment: He talks about immigrant visas. I'm kind of assuming the K visa applicants are included because there's no reason why they wouldn't be. I think its just an unintentional ommission.

    "We realize that those applicants that currently have a pending waiver will be upset and due to limited resources cannot be included in the new pilot at this time. We will continue to process pending waivers as before and because there will be less waivers coming into the office, the backlog should be cleared up sooner than current processing times. "

    Laurel's Comment: It makes sense that assuming the staff for the backlog remains the same (and I emailed him a follow-up question to make sure that's the situation), that they will be able to clear up the backlog faster because they will spend less time reviewing Expedite Requests for newly filed applications and less time logging in new cases. So even though pending applicants can't filed under the Pilot Program, they may still benefit from it indirectly.

    "In order for this pilot to work, we need cooperation from the public and attorneys. Only those persons requiring a waiver and have been given the new instructions and guidance will be allowed to use InfoPass for Ciudad Juarez."
    "Also, we ask that attorneys and applicants not make their appointments on the same day of the CO interview as it''s impossible to get back FBI results that quickly and there won''t be enough time in the day to do both things. The day after the CO interview will be the soonest that we'll be able to accommodate as long as there is an appointment slot available for that day."

    Laurel's Comment: I'd actually make the 601 appointment a few days later because if you need to file a waiver, you necessarily have a complicated case, and sometimes these complications lead to ''issues'' during the consular interview that frequently take a day or two to resolve.

    "Further, USCIS will not conduct face to face I-601 interviews and will not be available to answer waiver applicant questions due to time constraints. Applicants whose I-601s are referred will not be able to take advantage again of the new pilot program and must wait to receive their decision via US mail at their US address listed on their I-601 "
    "We also ask that applicants and their attorneys be patient and realize that with any new program, bugs and other issues will arise and will need to be addressed."

    Laurel's Comment: Those of you filing in the next few weeks are the guinea pigs. Please be patient with the program. Remember that you'''re getting a lucky break here.

    "One of the discouraging thing I noticed during our first day it went into effect is there were several waiver applicants that submitted their waivers without any supporting evidence. These waivers could not be considered and were referred for later review and adjudication.."

    Laurel's Comment: If you were planning on feeing in and amending later (as I was for two upcoming cases), you must schedule your InfoPass a bit far in the future so you can have everything ready. Waiting a month to file beats the heck out of filing immediately having to wait 6-10 months if you case gets referred to the regular queue. Also, I think a lot of pro se applicants are poorly informed about the process and just don''t know what they need to do. Everyone, please cooperate with the press because press articles will get the word out and you''ll be helping families who would otherwise get referred to the queue.


    "Laurel, Yes, K-1s and K-3s are included and treated as other waiver cases.
    Extra resources are being devoted to the new pilot program.

    Warren "Ok, guys. This should put an end to a lot of speculation. They are not diverting staff from the backlog to the Pilot Program, therefore, backlog wait times WILL be reduced as an indirect benefit of the Pilot Program."

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