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    03-28-2018, 05:17 PM
    saca330 replied to a thread I130 or K1 Visa in I-130
    Hi rosy1987, seems a bit suspicious. I’d suggest either calling, emailing or going in person to the embassy to ask. Not sure how Mexico...
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    03-28-2018, 12:36 PM
    saca330 replied to a thread I130 or K1 Visa in I-130
    I-770 is a form they give to minors and then released to their parents. An FOIA will show if he was deported. That will cause other things to get...
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    03-26-2018, 11:00 PM
    saca330 replied to a thread I130 or K1 Visa in I-130
    very likely they might have had him sign form I-770
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    03-26-2018, 09:28 PM
    saca330 replied to a thread I130 or K1 Visa in I-130
    Seems like he was detained and released, but to be sure of everything they can file a FOIA and get details in case it shows as a deportation. it...
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    I've never had a visitor message! I don't even know if this is where I'm supposed to answer you lol But yes he came home on Monday!!! We're trying to get into a schedule, and he's trying to keep himself busy since he can't work yet It's super frustrating, I really wish he could get his EAD but we're waiting until we're married (on December 1st!!!). I think we're going to try to get him a SS# next Monday and then maybe he can get a license... Hopefully... How are you?
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    Hey! I got some questions for you when you get a chance. We're about to start on our process here and we will have a CIMT and overstay to deal with on our waiver and I see that you went through something similar and were approved. Congrats!
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    thank you so much you helped me alot throughout this process! I know though I am soo glad I was so worried that he would have to file the waiver
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    Jswife's husband will be leaving mid-may his appointment and we'll be doing a BBQ for them. We'd love it if you could join us! It will be May 15th around noon. Let me know asap if you can make it!

    I also posted a new message in the Minnesota thread.
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    Hi Ashley, I can't tell you how much you helped me while Leo was gone. It was nice having someone that could answer questions even when my lawyers couldn't. I invited you on facebook. I hope that you are doing well! Thanks again for everything!
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    Part 5 of 5

    4) Education:
    a. Lower quality of education for children

    5) Personal Considerations:
    a. Close relatives in the United States
    b. Separation from Spouse
    c. Separation from Children
    d. Age of parents

    6. Special Factors:
    a. Cultural
    b. Language
    c. Religion
    d. Physical Harm – Include information from government resources.
    e. Child abduction
    f. Access to social institutions or structures

    7. Moral character of Petitioner
    a. Military service
    b. Military awards
    c. Education
    Since it has been so long from the time of original filings for I130, I485/245i, Fingerprints, Medical, and other I am not sure what she will need to get re-filed.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Feel free to share this information with anyone you believe could help us out.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Part 4 of 5

    1) I am a disabled veteran with a rating of 40%. Mostly alot of back/leg/feet and hip pain, but with my pain medication I get along pretty good. I require a few appointments per year to evaluate my condition and to prescribe my pain medication.
    a. Back
    b. Bursitis
    c. Planter Fasciitis
    d. Hypertension
    e. High Blood Pressure
    f. Liver toxicity monitoring

    2) 4 Year old Child
    a. Speech Therapy (He has a little problem with pronunciation of certain sounds like L and R, but is progressing very well.

    3) Financial Considerations
    a. Future employability. Currently employed at IL State Police in Information Technology.
    b. Financial loss due to home sale with lower home prices than when home was purchased if I was required to move to the foreign country.
    c. Requirement to be educated in a foreign language (I have picked up some words here and there, but am no where near fluent.)
    d. Vehicle debt ~30K
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    Part 3 of 5

    Since then we have went to a couple of lawyer consultations where they graciously let us pay them a couple of hundred dollars to tells us what we already wife was ineligible for adjustment of status.

    I was slightly aware of the extreme hardship possibility a while back but didn't think it was worth the risk at that time to have her possibly banned from re-entry for 10 years.

    Now that we have been married for over 8 years and have 2 children (both boys 4 and 8) I believe that the time is right for the extreme hardship waiver to be applied and that the percentage of favorabilty is leaning towards our side.

    Here are some of the supporting conditions for our extreme hardship waiver (still in development):
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    Part 2 of 5

    We filed our I485 (under 245i Act) on 26Nov2004 and received our interview date for 30Jun2005. ***This is still when I was ignorant to what was happening. She didn't even qualify for the I485 because she arrived in the U.S. after April 2001. *** (She had her fingerprints done 5Feb2005)
    We went to the appointment for the interview and things were going extremely well. The lady had her hand up in mid-air getting ready to stamp our papers for approval, but something caught her attention and she realized that we didn't qualify for the I485 (Under 245i Act) because of the post April 2001 arrival date. So, we were denied.
    I have a feeling that even if we would have gotten approved that somewhere down the line we would have her arrival date catch up to us somehow and caused more problems. So, maybe it was good that she didn't get approved fraudulently.

    We received our official denial letter 17Apr2006.

    We got here an ITN in Mar2006.
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    Part 1 of 5

    Sorry I am just now getting back to you. I was looking on the page where I posted the question for your response. I just noticed today that I had 3 messages waiting for me.

    Yes, my wife will be filing through GUA (I think).

    For a little background...

    My wife entered w/o inspection around June-July of 2001. We were married 18Oct2002. In my ignorance I believed that once we were married it wouldn't be too difficult to get status adjusted to legal pretty quickly. Of course now I am all the wiser and realize it is pretty much impossible to get her status adjusted without applying for an extreme hardship waiver.

    We filed our I130 on 25Feb2004 and it was approved 30Sept2004.
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